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  1. Solved Batteries for PMS requirements?

    So I’m working on a Wii portable (worklog still to come) and I had a successful 2 minute test today with a 1s2p 18650 configuration, the rvl pms board and the USB PD board. Thing is, it was with two random cells and I’m looking to order some brand new ones. So my question is this... Do the...
  2. Hot Apple Pi

    How serendipitous that I found this after learning that Apple is gonna put ARM processors in future MacBooks. Joking aside, looks awesome.
  3. Classic+ Initial Release

    Wait wait wait... it actually HAS AN ACCELEROMETER? Like, not just emulated? Great job man, mind = blown.
  4. Gamebii Advance portable (Wii)

    Really nice case, love it!