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  1. Question Trimmed PS2 won't boot

    Fixed that last 3.5v relocation. Also realized my 1.8 rail was shorted to ground so I found the issue there and it boots! Thanks a ton customled. Now to replace my broken dremel and chop this bad boy up. That's a cap I accidentally covered in solder trying to stick it back on after lifting...
  2. Question Trimmed PS2 won't boot

    Ah can't believe I missed this lol. Standby
  3. Question Trimmed PS2 won't boot

    Ok so I threw in the towel on that board and started on a second. This one is a 79001. I'm taking a different approach and trying to do the voltage relocation and get video out before trimming. I successfully got video out using this screen and the ps2HDMI board while using the standard power...
  4. Question Trimmed PS2 won't boot

    yeah 5v. That’s the correct pad right? I’ll grab a full pic of the top side when I get home in a bit.
  5. Question Trimmed PS2 won't boot

    I did try composite as well and got nothing. Thanks I did give it a good scrub down after I shot those photos. I didn’t realize how filthy it was until I saw the close ups lol.
  6. Question Trimmed PS2 won't boot

    Noted will do. I'm trying to pull ypbpr from these: I've got an old eyoyo screen that can still display it.
  7. Question Trimmed PS2 won't boot

    Can anyone help me troubleshoot this trim? I'm using the customled regulator board at the moment and as far as I can tell all my voltage relocations are correct. The gpu and cpu warm up, but I get no output on the display. Any troubleshooting advice? Please forgive my messy workstation.
  8. Question Where can I get a Ps2-PMS? or alternative ways to power Ps2.

    I’ve been waiting for years for someone to do this I literally log into bitbuilt once every 6 months or so to see if someone has come up with a good power solution for a ps2. I’ve tried a few times to figure it out, but can never get anywhere.
  9. Release Ps2 voltage regulator board

    Ok so I ordered more boards and they look a lot better. I built another one and I'm now having slightly different issues lol. The 1.8v, 2.5v, and 5v lines are all fine, but the 1.25v is outputting 0.4 and the 3.5 is putting out 7ish and isn't stable. This is my first time soldering a QFN package...
  10. Release Ps2 voltage regulator board

    Unfortunately they all look identical. Awell, I'll call this one soldering practice and order some others.
  11. Release Ps2 voltage regulator board

    Ah I'll bet I know the problem. Here's a picture of one of my unpopulated boards I ordered. I figured those pads were supposed to be bridged like they are.
  12. Release Ps2 voltage regulator board

    Ok I built one of these and the voltages are correct for the 2.5v and 1.25v rails, but the other 3 are all wrong. The readings I get are as follows: 5v pad - 0.06v 3.5v pad - 1.2, then drops to 0.82ish 1.25v pad - 0.78 The linear regs are all correct. Any idea what I've done wrong?
  13. Worklog [2022 Contest Entry] Dionaea Portable PS2

    Is there any way you can post a picture of just the PMS? I've got one and would love to be able to modify it for a PS2, but it's beyond my ability to figure out how.
  14. Worklog [2022 Contest Entry] PS2DMG - Contest Entry 2022 - Worklog

    Noob question: What benefits do you get from a higher voltage when it will be stepped down anyway?
  15. Question What are the best portable versions of these consoles?

    Check out a YouTube channel by a guy named Taki Udon. He does in depth reviews on all the current handheld emulation systems on the market. The AYN Odin that AFE mentioned looks really solid for anything up to PS1/Dreamcast. The AYA Neo also looks like it’s going to be awesome and might pull off...
  16. Release Ps2 voltage regulator board

    Can you run this with a 1s battery pack?
  17. Question Where is the custom RTD software?

    What about doing ips patches or something along those lines?
  18. Question Where is the custom RTD software?

    Also super interested in this. I want YPbPr for any screen I want already.
  19. Worklog An attempt to recreate the PS2 PCB

    I just picked up one of these routers. Do you have any advice on how to wire it directly to a trimmed ps2?
  20. Question PS2PMS Availability

    excellent I’ll keep an eye out! Does your design do anything to power the PS2 itself?