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  1. The hob

    Worklog One of the gWii's, with modifications

    The delivery time from china is really long and I am really want to build my Wii. I haven't bought the audio to Bluetooth jet because I was planning on using one from my local dollar store but that one tuned out to have a terrible ground loop-back if I ran it without the battery. I will at it...
  2. The hob

    Worklog One of the gWii's, with modifications

    I decided to start over again with my modifications to the gWii case. The CAD skills I had/have aren't good enough for the modifications I tried to make. I decided to drop the idea of using non Nintendo joysticks and ABXY buttons. I also decided to drop stop my work on adding bluetooth and the...
  3. The hob

    Worklog One of the gWii's, with modifications

    Hi there, After log putting of the creation of this log, partially due to shame and laziness I am finally creating one. This project started with the a video showcasing the Wii SP. Since I saw that I fell in love with portable consoles. They are just perfect, the community is awesome, the...
  4. The hob

    Model G-Wii CAD files

    Can the copper heat sink also be a aluminum head sink?
  5. The hob

    Discussion Wii Power Management System (open source)

    Can you use the BQ25895RTWRinstead of the BQ25895MRTWR
  6. The hob

    Worklog The Slimboii - Passively Cooled Wii Portable

    You weren't supposed to take them off. From "the exhaustive wii trimming and troubleshooting faq" Are those 6 silver filter caps important or can I take them off? We recommend not removing them unless you have to, but in general your video won't suffer a noticeable amount if they get taken off.
  7. The hob

    Help modding board to run with 5V

    You can ask the aliexpress seller about LD3
  8. The hob

    Worklog First Wii Portable (unnamed so far)

    And don't use anything less that 5 bucks to charge explosive batteries in your house.
  9. The hob

    Discussion New project & Parts enquiry

    Hi, can't you just put the car DVD player to the av input with the IR blaster on your phone? There are a lot of apps which can help with this. We have the opensource power management system for the Wii which will handle all the power switching and regulating. Tt is also a great value if you...
  10. The hob

    Worklog First Wii Portable (unnamed so far)

    Again I have a site to recommend, this time it is nkon. They sell batteries at a great price and ship them via legal methods. I found the battery you where talking about on nkon for €4.95 (here for the eu link). The shipping to Sweden is, if you go the slow route, is only €3.80! I would also...
  11. The hob

    Worklog First Wii Portable (unnamed so far)

    You can buy that kind of wire from with free shipping. The delivery is probably around 4 days.
  12. The hob

    Worklog Single Handed Gameboy Colour aka The Gamee Lanister

    The use of MX switches is a awesome idea!
  13. The hob


    The g-wii probably included the Bluetooth module. If you are looking to play wii games with the gc+ controller please have a look at this threat:
  14. The hob


    What do you mean? The wii that is internally connected is a gc+ a gamecube controller "emulator" connected to gamecube controller port one. But external Wiimotes don't connect to this internal controller. They rather connect through the Bluetooth module in the portable.
  15. The hob

    Worklog The Thousand Yiir Door

  16. The hob

    Question No EmuNAND detected.

    The USB I bought . I don't know if he will work with the WII but it is listed in the recommended USB sticks.
  17. The hob

    Question No EmuNAND detected.

    Hi, the two USB's your listed are known to cause problem on the wii. To see a compatible list of USB drives see post: The most recommended USB isn't made anymore and is sold at ridiculous prices on amazon...
  18. The hob

    Worklog *Question*chip sizes for case design
  19. The hob

    Question Wii portable parts list

    Why are you listing two different sliders? I think the list should also include a ac to 12V adapter.