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  1. lyberty5

    Gamecube Grip for Nintendo Switch

    I just stumbled upon this, this is superb !
  2. lyberty5

    Finally got a 3D Printer...

    just seeing these prints I wanted to mention, you really don't need rafts. Don't worry and save yourself some time. If your model doesn't stick just apply 1 layer of regular glue stick and it'll do the job. I only use rafts for prints with little to no first layer surface
  3. lyberty5

    Finally got a 3D Printer...

    No one is disappointed :) do what you want :) I have two ender 3 also and both work great while having different issues. We're here to help :p
  4. lyberty5

    Model GameCube Switch dock STL files

    Send me your email adress in Private message I'll email you the STLs, I can't upload them here the format isn't supported.
  5. lyberty5

    Model GameCube Switch dock STL files

    Oh no this is only for the mayflash adapter of course
  6. lyberty5

    Model GameCube Switch dock STL files

    Here you go :)
  7. lyberty5

    Release Wii native VGA - version 1.5

    I just bought a cheap aliexpress component cable and it seems to have every single pin (1-16)
  8. lyberty5

    Raspberry Pi Zero v1.3 full scans

    Here's my one "contribution" to this community: if you ever wanted to fit a pi zero in a super tight place, this should help you. I mostly wanted to see the inside layers of the pi zero to see what could easily be trimmed, most likely power regulation components, and if other stuff can be...
  9. lyberty5

    Worklog The GS2

    Read the post above yours.
  10. lyberty5

    Model GameCube Switch dock STL files

    The "holder slim" is slimmer because it doesn't have the two "bumps" on the side. It's probably way easyier to install but won't be glued as strongly to the case. I've never used this model but it's certainly faster to print and easyier to use (less grinding of the inside of the GC.
  11. lyberty5

    Solved Where would I find a wasp fusion?

    I have two wiikey fusions one used one new they're not doing anything if you want them..
  12. lyberty5

    Model GameCube Switch dock STL files

    You can download the STLs from the bottom of this post if you want to try to turn your Gamecube case into a Switch dock. I wanted to host the files here to promote Bitbuilt a tiny bit if it's fine by everyone. Keep in mind, if you want to try this mod, that the dock flat cable length will be...
  13. lyberty5

    Worklog Nintendo MiWii "First Portable"

    Hi french bois, Good to know there are some of you here. For parts with terrible shipping, you can look to aliexpress, they generally offer free shipping on most of the items you'll find on ebay like squishy tact switches, 3Ds sliders and such.
  14. lyberty5

    Worklog Portable Wii WVI (WIP)

    The antenna gives it such a great look ! Nice case and great project ! Is the connection seamless?
  15. lyberty5

    Building Batteries with 1 Port Play and Charge

    I'm so glad this guide exists :)))
  16. lyberty5

    Playstation one "mini" - raspberry pi zero case

    Oh no I'm sorry I should have said "yes" as soon as I saw your message, I saw it on hackaday too, and could have linked to it to save you the trouble ! Thank you though :) The comments on hackaday are kinda blasting me but meh, it's mostly deserved..
  17. lyberty5

    Playstation one "mini" - raspberry pi zero case

    Thank you very much, but that's not my voice ! I ask a voice actor to dub the vids :) -> @kylejohnsonVA
  18. lyberty5

    Playstation one "mini" - raspberry pi zero case

    I hesitated to post this because it's only a simple pi zero case, but I think the use of custom decals gave it a specific look you guys might enjoy : As you can see, there are two cases. I initialy only started working on a low quality FDM print made with my Da Vinci Jr 1.0 which is the...
  19. lyberty5

    Icy Wii - Cosmetic mod only

    Thanks ! Do you mean the corners of the triangle cutout? I can't remember for the life of me, but I'm sure it was a combination of : - Dremel cutout wheel - My smallest dremel drill bit (1 mm diameter) - Sandpaper in a triangle shape - X-acto knife to accentuate the sharp corner. I sanded the...
  20. lyberty5

    Custom Xbox One Controller

    How did you do the lettering? Is it a decal or painted on? I'm genuinely interested. Looks great.