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  1. Worklog Purple G-Wii Rev 2 Build

    DAY 7 Hi all, so today I think is just gonna be a text update. The last time I worked on the G-Wii I had the GC+ 2 connected to the Wii and was using a grounding wire to navigate around the best I could just to test the MX chip however I decided to get all the controls in the top half of the...
  2. Worklog Purple G-Wii Rev 2 Build

    Ahh okay, thanks for that. I wasn't sure if it was required or not. Thanks for the info
  3. Worklog Purple G-Wii Rev 2 Build

    DAY 6 So following on with the MX chip stuff I did yesterday, I decided that I wanted to get the MX chip tested. I first off wired the up the GC+ 2.0 just chilling outside the case since I can't mount it to the screen. I only connected Data, 3.3 and GND. then I wired a GND wire off the GC+ to...
  4. Worklog Purple G-Wii Rev 2 Build

    DAY 4 So I decided that today would be the big day where I finally did the trim. I consulted the Wii trimming guide and cross-referenced with other G-Wii builds and marked out the trim (meant to take a pic and forgot). The trim went okay but very slow, the cutting discs I got were awful and...
  5. Worklog Purple G-Wii Rev 2 Build

    Yes I have a chunk of 1mm copper plate, I've got it marked ready to cut tomorrow.
  6. Worklog Purple G-Wii Rev 2 Build

    DAY 3 Received a package from China today :-) . It contained some part I've been waiting for to progress, namely the Fan, Heatsink and mushy buttons. Straight away I broke the soldering iron out and got the fan installed and I can confirm I got fan spin :-))))))))) Also did a test fit of the...
  7. Worklog Purple G-Wii Rev 2 Build

    Hi all, so I'm new to the portablising community and decided to build a G-Wii Rev, had my case printed by Gman. I'm gonna try and do a worklog but it'll be awful and missing stuff probable ahah, hope its okay though DAY 1 This is my case as it came from Gman, so I decided so start with...
  8. BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    Hi all, I'm Ben from the UK. In short, Shank made me do it. I've been watching his videos for a while and decided to get into the hobby and I've got parts to build my first portable (A G-Wii). Cant wait to start and thanks for all the help and welcoming I've had so far. Thank you