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  1. waldie

    Solved Mod VGA Driver Board - 5 inch KYV-N2 V6 ZJ050NA-08C

    You saved me some work here, thanks!
  2. waldie

    Model G-Wii CAD files

    Two tacts is going to give you a more satisfying trigger press. Although I have no idea how a single dual tact would feel in the case. I imagine it wouldn't be good. It was designed with the idea of using two tacts, so it's just better to follow it.
  3. waldie

    Model G-Wii CAD files

    Yes. Unfortunately the GC+ for the GBoy is much larger than a standard one. This is just to make the GBoy a more streamlined process. But fitting it inside of a GWii case will just be a pain. I'm sure that you could somehow trim up the GBoy GC+, but you're better off just getting a standard one.
  4. waldie

    Model G-Wii CAD files

    You will be able to use the G-Boy Manual as a guide for most parts of the G-Wii. Differences that are going to show up are as follows: - Screen wiring will be slightly different as the 5' screen has a completely different driver board. (the schematic is posted somewhere on here, or I'll repost...
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    Solved How to run mario galaxy without wii mote ?

    Here's what your settings should look like in the config. Wiimote Extension: Nunchuk Motion plus enabled: No WM IR Mode: Shift WM IR: C Stick These will let you control the pointer with the C-Stick. Shift mode makes it so the pointer stays still whenever you stop moving the stick, which in my...
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    Model G-Wii CAD files

    You're going to want to use the tacts provided in the parts list. The dual tacts are for more compact builds. The G-Wii was designed to have a soft tact and a hard tact on the shoulder buttons. As for the fan. Idk. Someone linked it to me at some point but I didn't save it. You can post in the...
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    Model G-Wii CAD files

    Here is 50 from amazon. And if you want more here's 200 from Kestparts. For any other parts related questions (ik you didn't ask, this is just in case) here's a parts list I compiled of everything you're gonna need for a Rev 2. Also I was assuming you were talking about the orange squishy...
  8. waldie

    Metallic Silver G-Wii rev2: For Sale!

    He said the price in the post. :rothink: Also. If you're interested. You should dm Him.
  9. waldie

    Question First Portable?

    Commissions for printing can change based on the size of the print as well as material. But for a G-Wii case $40 bucks plus shipping is a reasonable estimate. Also, any Pi projects are usually going to require different things based on form factor as well as the end result you want. Of course...
  10. waldie

    Looking for a G-Wii rev2 Case

    As MP3 said. Those discs are in the CAD files. Although they might be in the original Zip instead of the Rev2 Zip. As the Rev 2 doesn’t change the controls, it just adds the USB-C port. Join the discord and ask in 3D printing to commission someone. There are plenty of people that will be happy...
  11. waldie

    Solved Problem with VGA patch on BBloader

    Eh. The documentation is pretty clear. All you really need to do is match the numbers to the via. Plus, if you mess up RGB it’s really obvious, you can easily just switch them up with no damage caused. So a disclaimer or change is unlikely.
  12. waldie

    Solved Problem with VGA patch on BBloader

    Kirbo is indeed the best. Lemme know if it works. If it doesn’t other trouble shooting tips would be as follows: 1. Make sure your wires are correct going to your driver board (I’ve never worked with your screen board so idk what goes where) 2. Test composite as it’s easier (make sure to...
  13. waldie

    Solved Problem with VGA patch on BBloader

    Are you saying it's fixed now? I might not be understanding you correctly, as the only portable I've completed is a GWii. To be clear, I'm saying you need to wire 3.3V to Via8 in the documentation of the picture I showed you. That is what is needed to force a trimmed Wii to output VGA with the...
  14. waldie

    Solved Problem with VGA patch on BBloader

    From what I can see, it seems you're missing 3.3V to mode. 3.3V to the mode pin is needed to force VGA instead of composite. You can take 3.3V from the right edge of FIL39 in this picture. Or from pin 10 as documented in the picture.
  15. waldie

    Worklog Waldie's First (self designed) Portable (no name yet)

    This is a worklog for my first self designed Wii portable. After completing a GWii I realized I really enjoy this hobby and would love to feel the satisfaction of creating my own portable. I don't really want to talk about the design (I do know what I want to make) or name yet as I'm not too far...
  16. waldie

    Question Reputable source for 18650s

    So. This kinda sounds wack. But 18650BatteryStore. All of my batteries from them have been legit.
  17. waldie

    Soldering check

    Joints look good! The amount of exposed wire on GND is a little sus. But I doubt it's gonna give you problems.
  18. waldie

    Portable Thoughts

    Currently in the process of making a worklog for the GWii, but there are plenty of others that already exist. You'll be able to use the GBoy guide for most of the vias and other data. Here are some extra links that will provide you with some helpful resources while working on the project. I've...
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    Model G-Wii CAD files

    How did you create PCBs within CAD? Is it just a lot of painstaking work with line manipulation? Or is there something special. I'm trying to develop my skills in CAD for future projects.
  20. waldie

    Model G-Wii CAD files

    Buying all of these parts except for the Wii motherboard costs about $220 without shipping or tax. I, of course, have no experience building PCBs and will be 3D printing my case for this G-Wii with my brother. Would you recommend purchasing the bit built parts for my first portable before...