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  1. bird_magnet

    Model PSone Console Scan

  2. bird_magnet

    Question How do you trim a motherboard?

    This is a question that I have found myself in need of an answer for. We've all seen motherboard trimming guides. You know the ones, they have the pictures and some informational text about where to cut and where to relocate stuff. Very informative. But I found myself wondering how do I get...
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    Release Dreamcast Controller Emulator

    So swag!!! I'm so happy to know this! I'll definitely reach out to you when I get to the control side of things. My portable is just in my mind at the moment but it's all I've been able to think about today! I've always wanted to portablize something and, while I know documentation is...
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    Release Dreamcast Controller Emulator

    I have no experience with this kind of stuff but I have plenty of time to learn. Do you have any resources you could point me towards? Thanks for your help!
  5. bird_magnet

    Release Dreamcast Controller Emulator

    I need it to read and write from a legit VMU. Can it be made to do this? I would like to use actual VMUs in my project if that makes sense. Just need to be able to communicate with it. I know nothing about this protocol, I have done no research. Just wondering what this is capable of.
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    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    Hello! I have never even attempted to portabilize anything, but I figured I'm ready to give it a go. I am currently working on a breakout board for a Switch joystick. I have quite a bit of experience in 3d printing and even more in electronics. I'm excited to see where the portablizing game...