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  1. Lampenman1

    Question PS2 Disk Drive

    You can try to load the games over a Raspberry Pi with the SMB method. I'm not entirely familiar with how to do it, but that would be the fastest way to load games
  2. Lampenman1

    Question Battery powering a PS2

    I'm currently trying to find a 79001 and in the meantime I want to prepare/learn as much as I can. Thank you very much for your gelp :)
  3. Lampenman1

    Question Battery powering a PS2

    I'm going to load games from USB, so no disc drive. If I was to just connect a BMS/CMB with two of those 18650 battery cells to the fully assembled PS2 for testing purposes, would it be able to safely boot up? This is my first time doing this, so I'm afraid to fry any of my components
  4. Lampenman1

    Question Battery powering a PS2

    Hey, absolute beginner here! I want to build a PS2 portable (from a SCPH-75004), but I have some concerns. I'm looking to slowly work my way into portablizing the console, starting with making it independent from wall power. Now what I need to know is, how would I exactly do this? I know I'd...
  5. Lampenman1

    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    Hey, I found out about this whole scene ~one month ago and I'm super excited to start my own project now! I hope for some good fun with portables and I also want to learn about electronics on my way. So far this community has been truly amazing and it's really nice too see all the cool projects...