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  1. Xerehm

    Worklog The Shinii G-Wii

    alright so I was already on the fence about adding ir leds since they'd barely be useful, but now that bluetooth is optional with bbloader, lemme tell ya... (seriously a game changer, I was dreading those two microscopic fuckers)
  2. Xerehm

    Question Wii portable in a retro case/other questions now

    "if it fits in a gameboy, it fits in a gamegear" is a saying i just made up but should hold true in most cases.
  3. Xerehm

    Discussion Announcing Hiidra

    sorry, i should have mentioned i knew about WiiHUD, i was wondering if there were any other applications I couldn't think of :/ (also, off topic but do you need specific hardware (PCBs) for WiiHUD? if yes, would that ever be on the BB store?)
  4. Xerehm

    Discussion Announcing Hiidra

    I can tell this has really big potential, but not being the smartest guy myself, does anyone have any examples or maybe future plans for cool things that utilize this feature?
  5. Xerehm

    Question Portable making questions from a first-time builder

    the G-Wii actually has a version that integrates the USB-C board here :)
  6. Xerehm

    Worklog Wii Portable #2

    insane. this sounds incredible and I can't wait to see where it goes from here
  7. Xerehm

    Solved What did I do wrong?

    since it's untrimmed, did you make sure to cut the trace as shown in the guide ? you might wanna cut it again a bit further down the trace (so you don't have to desolder anything) i'm not very experienced so take that as you will
  8. Xerehm

    Worklog The Shinii G-Wii

    The Shinii G-Wii it might be a bit too early in development to warrant starting a worklog, but i've been conceptualizing and ordering parts for building a modified G-Wii! (full credit to gman for the original design) features in common with a regular G-Wii: - full gamecube buttons and sticks...
  9. Xerehm

    Solved switch for IR LEDs ?

    i assume i'd work just fine since all it needs are two ir leds placed horizontally and decently separated from each other.
  10. Xerehm

    Solved switch for IR LEDs ?

    thanks, that'll save me a hole in my case :)
  11. Xerehm

    Solved switch for IR LEDs ?

    if i'm adding ir leds to my wii portable as a 'sensor bar', should there be a switch for them or is it okay for them to be on at all times? would they drain much battery?
  12. Xerehm

    Question gamecube controller buttons font ?

    does anyone have the font used on the gamecube controller buttons ? I googled it but had no luck finding anything. i'm trying to model some of my own buttons :)
  13. Xerehm

    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    hey guys, i've recently become really interested in owning a wii portable and after studying the subject a lot, i think i'll be ready to build one soon!