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  1. Woz

    The WiiVape

    @thedrew Thanks man, makes me happy :)
  2. Woz

    The WiiVape

    I wanted to make my brother something special this year. I figured since he recently started college, something to do with vaping would be perfect. I ended up putting a vape pen inside of a Wii Remote. The project overall sucks to be honest, but he ended up loving it when he finally opened...
  3. Woz

    Luma 64 - fibbef's first 64p

    Kudos to you for finally finishing it! It's not pretty but it gets the job done
  4. Woz

    RetroPie Portable

    Cool! I especially like the two battery holders do you can professionally replace them. Nicely done
  5. Woz

    GameBoy in a TI-83 calculator

    Sweet, I'll go do that
  6. Woz

    GameBoy in a TI-83 calculator

    Yup! His project was the inspiration behind mine. I give him credit in the video
  7. Woz

    GameBoy in a TI-83 calculator

    Hey everyone, just thought I'd finally share my completed GameBoy mod slash tutorial. All I did to make this was gut an old TI-83 calculator and stuff a GBA sp inside of it. It's an easy project and was a lot of fun to make. The tutorial isn't super detailed but it's something that would have...
  8. Woz

    Guitar Boy

    Holy schnikies, I thought the case mod was sweet but I was surprised when I saw it could play games too ! !