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  1. laingsoft

    The SHNYAPS64 - Commissioned N64p

    Bed adhesion is a problem with ABS. If you can, try making a heated enclosure, or turn up your hotbed. If that's still an issue, at work we use ABS dissolved in Acetone and paint it on a glass bed. That seems to solve the adhesion problems.
  2. laingsoft

    The SHNYAPS64 - Commissioned N64p

    An N64 shouldn't get hot enough to melt ABS or even PLA. Maybe rethink how your cooling is set up? Also stellar work Downing.
  3. laingsoft

    Weirdest thing you've found inside a console?

    One time I opened up a Nintendo wii and found a nintendo wii mainboard inside. It was pretty disgusting.
  4. laingsoft

    I got tired of telling people what was and wasn't degeneracy.

    So I built this:
  5. laingsoft

    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    steamdnt here. I go by laingsoft now, because I hope that maybe one day I can turn my internet presence into something that makes me employable.
  6. laingsoft

    BitBuilt Podcasts

    Slack added voice chat, it's probably the best messaging client for teams imo. I guess I could go download teamspeak or vent or something though.
  7. laingsoft

    BitBuilt Podcasts

    I'd be down for a podcast.