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  1. HackerBilly

    FREE FREE FREE lots of free items

    I'll take the Ps4 controller that wont power on. I got one with a super destroyed shell that works fine so that'd help out a lot
  2. HackerBilly

    Discussion French Fries on Burgers? (And Other Weird Food Combinations)

    ouch. I thought yall knew I turned to a new leaf but fries are good with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese tbh. I've eaten em at work that way a few times
  3. HackerBilly

    Worklog My first GCp

    As Aurelio said almost 4 years ago. Take your time because we definitely wanna see it completed! GC or not! Though its more impressive with a GC
  4. HackerBilly

    Worklog Miceeno's N64 Portable 2020

    As creator of the ThiicBoi. I do have to say congrats thats super epic! A 10" screen and 8 18640s Amazing!
  5. HackerBilly

    Worklog Another Copy Cat "Louii" Build

    Its not the best solution tbh. When you do that its pretty fragile and the case can snap
  6. HackerBilly

    Question Is it Possible to Run the Nintendo Switch Without the Battery ?

    Just try it and find out. Find out if you can do it without a screen as well. You'd just have to plug it into a dock to test
  7. HackerBilly

    G-Boy Controls

    You have to plug in the screen control board for that. It is taken out for the portable and removed. Once the GBoy is completed, there is no current way of changing brightness besides taking apart the system and using the control board
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    Worklog HackerBilly's IceBlue 64

    Hey! Decided to post some updates with the case. I decided against the Ice Blue and that I'm going to be doing a complete Majora's mask Zelda theme. I have yet to decide a name but here's the quick sketch I did for the case I have moved around a few things but here is the front of the case so...
  9. HackerBilly

    Worklog HackerBilly's IceBlue 64

    Well I finally trimmed and got a board to boot for an N64 so I figured might as well enter the competition and make a forum post. Specs: N64 with Expansion Pack 3.5" composite screen Horipad Retrobit remake controller Uamp Audio 3d Printed case(Transparent Ice Blue) This is a basic layout on...
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    Post your workstation!

    I finally almost finished cleaning my work station but I figured I might as well show it off since its clean enough lol Here it is! Its a Desk from the 50s as well and made in the usa. Its pretty nice! But here yall go!
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    Worklog Ps2 portable

    Nice! I always can appreciate a frankencase portable! Keep up the good work!
  12. HackerBilly

    Worklog GS2 rev2

    Hey, dont bump old threads plz. There's a private message button.
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    Secret Santa 2019 Gift Opening Thread

    Santa got me some edible memes and custom buttons and switch sticks!!
  14. HackerBilly

    GBoy rev3

    SC - SCL SD - SDA W - WS D - SDI C - CLK M - MCLK There's the Pinout for it and the name translation.
  15. HackerBilly

    GBoy rev3

    Speaking of More Shankapoolza memes. I made the SpookyBoii! Waited till Halloween to post it for added Spookiiness.
  16. HackerBilly

    Discussion Announcing Hiidra

    Hail Hiidra
  17. HackerBilly

    Worklog Virtual GearBoy

    Stitches is indeed correct. This is all OG hardware with the exception of a few custom boards which one of those is the Virtual tap which allows VGA out of a virtual boy. But the Virtual Tap also allows displaying different colors rather than just red. So i can do just blue or even just purple...
  18. HackerBilly

    Worklog Virtual GearBoy

    So my 2019 entry will be a Virtual Boy inside a gamegear shell. This will be the first handheld Virtual Boy ever made. It will feature a 3.5" vga screen Vga out Link Port Rechargable Button for changing game colors All packed inside a gamegear shell With a custom display stand and custom glass...
  19. HackerBilly

    Solved Pokeball plus (analog)

    They are about the same as the vita. I wouldn't waste a pokeball plus. They're not good enough for that use. I would just sell the spare pokeball plus
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    HackerBilly's Scott Pilgrim Multicade

    It's not more Cost effective if you already have 4 xboxes and 4 ps3s laying around :oP And most of the controller adapters. Also it wont be a pain at all to hook up. Both sources will be going to Component in. I already got coinops 8 massive with the og xbox. It'd just be easier on me than...