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  1. Stitches

    Worklog Sushii

    Hecking Covid-19 happened and then I dun fucked up on jobsite and nearly took myself out of the comp twice, and I just moved house again but FUCK ME I AM FINISHING THIS TIME! I have all the parts sitting in bags, so gimmie a couple days to buy new tools and throw a case design together and I'll...
  2. Stitches

    Worklog The Thousand Yiir Door

    Because that's how fucking long it's taken me to get my ass into gear and build the thing. Basically it'll be a rehash of my plans for the Galaxii Boy, but better in every way (I hope). It's gonna be kinda like a PiiWii but bigger, 3D printed, and using New 3DS buttons and joycon sticks. I also...
  3. Stitches

    Worklog The Galaxii Boi

    No ragrets, contest entry ho! Imma leave this here as a mental checklist so I don't forget what I have/need. What I have: A working NAND bend for impending LMAO trim A spare Wii in case I BocuD the trim Sliders, buttons, and PCBs for controls Some dank little 20mm 2w speakers and assorted...
  4. Stitches

    5 Inch Eyoyo Component Screen

    So there's this little 5 inch screen you can find on ebay by a company named "Eyoyo". This screen accepts component in natively, which is dope. I put one in my AtarWii Liinx and it's so good. It has a few quirks to it that can make it hard to work with blind, though. So since I've already done...
  5. Stitches

    The AtarWii Liinx

    IT IS FINISHED! Took phekkin long enough, but it's finally done. Huge thanks to Aurelio for saving my ass on several occasions. The Liinx features: A modified Atari Lynx 2 case Official Gamecube buttons and sticks with bootleg PS1 controller dual tact triggers A GC+ from the BitBuilt store...
  6. Stitches

    (No longer needed) NTSC 4 layer Wii

    Henlo I lib Australia, want NTSC wii for future midget composite portable PAL 60Hz is aids. Will pay reasonable unit price and shipping thank
  7. Stitches

    Raspberry Pi noob questions thread

    Post any and all questions about the Raspberry Pi here!
  8. Stitches

    Worklog The AtarWii Liinx

    The Briick is abandoned. Ended up being too big, clumsy, stupid, and as it turns out, NOT airport safe. So Imma make an actually PORTABLE portable this time. Hopefully one I can make neat as fuck and take on a plane to NSW later this year. Current plan as of 24/06: Atari Lynx 2 shell Original...
  9. Stitches

    Worklog The Briick - ABANDONED

    Hello, I'm Stitches. I've been lurking ModRetro for a while and just found this site yesterday, thought I'd join in the fun! I plan to build a Wii portable to replace this ugly monstrosity. I call it the CinderBlock Fusion 5. It weighs 1.6kg and the 12.6v battery runs for 2.5 hours. It's just...