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  1. Matthew

    This post is sponsored by Waluigi. Terms & Conditions Apply.

    This post is sponsored by Waluigi. Terms & Conditions Apply.
  2. Matthew

    My PS2W build

    I love it. Keep up the good work!
  3. Matthew

    Solved Portablizemii slow

    Marked thread as solved :)
  4. Matthew

    PS2 SCPH 90004 with P CHASIS supported in mcboot

    As we stated in a different thread on the same subject. Other motherboards are not supported. We (as in Gman) has done extensive research on deciding which version to create the trimming guide on. If you are interested in trimming it, you will likely have to just do it yourself. Since this is...
  5. Matthew

    [WTB] mini64 v2.x board

    Ah my bad, I was able to contact him on ModRetro, though that was a few years ago. You may want to try there.
  6. Matthew

    [WTB] mini64 v2.x board

    If you are referring to Marshal's 64 board, they aren't available for sale.
  7. Matthew

    PS2 Portable Ultimate Version (my 4° modelo)

    I love it! Please keep making more. A lot, lot more.
  8. Matthew

    Worklog Reversing BasicFun Arade Cabinets

    I love posts and tutorials like these. Keep up the great work!
  9. Matthew

    2SP - The PS2 Portable From Hell!

    Please make this its own separate post so that i can like it. Thank.
  10. Matthew

    Question Combining screen controls with standard buttons

    It's possible to use the ps2+ for triggering things. There are a few unused gpio on the board and the coding should be really simple. I'm happy to help if needed.
  11. Matthew

    Worklog N64MINI build

    iirc, it's not until about 6-7in in which you start having trouble as far as wire length on the cart slot goes. That being said... shorter is always better. 3in would be fine.
  12. Matthew

    [SOLD] For sale: G-Wii Rev 2

    Would a picture of @Aurelio showering be acceptable for trade? I took it when we wasn't looking while he stayed at my place. 10/10 pic.
  13. Matthew

    Worklog G-Luma 64

    And this is why Fibbef is one of my favorite members.
  14. Matthew

    Release PS2+ Official Release

    There is now a new updated pinout that has the correct names for pins (i.e. MISO has been renamed DAT, etc) But this is great! Thanks for sharing this :) It's just a standard 2n700 mosfet. I believe the footprint should be fixed on there... but if not then the footprint I was using is...
  15. Matthew

    Release PS2+ Official Release

    Hello all, I finally feel that the Ps2+ is in a state that I can release to the public. The open-source project is located here: This project is meant to replace the PS2 Dualshock controllers and hopefully open the way for more ps2 portables. There has...
  16. Matthew

    Question Wii games on gc controller

    Currently, the gc+ does not play with Wii games unless a gamecube controller would work for them. You will need to use a wiimote. You can think of a gc+ as a literal gamecube controller. Anything the controller can do, gc+ can do. @Aurelio has made a firmware to emulate a wiimote but it has not...
  17. Matthew

    Question I want to learn how to be prepared to start a project

    Another really important crucial step in preparing for a project is understanding the common pitfalls and things that can go wrong and preparing for them. The best way to do this is to read everything. Read everything on the forums and then do it again. If you can do that, then you should have a...
  18. Matthew

    Solved Dual Tact things

    Nah, you shouldn't encounter a game that needs the real analog triggers.
  19. Matthew

    Question PSP Mods

    We don't really do much with the psp in this community. Not that others may have done something in their free time. As such, your best bet would probably just what you could find from a google search.
  20. Matthew

    digital potentiometer

    One of the rules of the forums is that you must post in English. Please read the rules and take your time to post. As this is an international community, we don't expect your English to be perfect. Just do your best and we will help as best we can.