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    N64SP v2

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    FS: wii micro (as is)

    Yo ill take it
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    Question U10 relocation (6 layer) still salvageable?

    You SHOULD be fine. First, use flux to clean that up. If you don't have flux, buy flux. The 3 legs of the U10 (the bottom side in this picture) should all be shorted together with a big blob and have continuity to ground. Run the U10 wire as normal. The one difference is you need to run a 3.3v...
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    Worklog Wavebiird portable

    This is looking really great so far! Can't wait to see it done
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    Worklog Real Boy

    Most of the updates so far are tweaking code and tweaking cad files slightly. Once assembly starts I'll post updates
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    Worklog N64-AIO

    I want this inside of me
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    Question Omega trim info?

    If you are confident in your skills and feel that the omega trim isn't too hard, here is a guide with all the information you need to perform an omega trim. The most important part of insane trims is understanding the board. Once you have an understanding of the board, soldering it all is...
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    Software Prep After Trim?

    While technically possible, it would be quite an accomplishment, even for a veteran modder. I would suggest cutting your losses on this one and getting a new board. Hold onto the old board to harvest parts, and use as soldering practice. The best advice I can give you moving forward is to read...
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    Worklog WiiVision XT

    Remake of a Remake. I love it. Looking forward to seeing how this one improves upon ours!
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    Any way to increase the battery life of the G-Boy?

    As of now, graphene batteries are just as vaporware as they were 10 years ago. 3500mah lithium based 18650s are as dense as it gets for us. Hopefully the big push for electric vehicles will lead to innovation in energy density. In the meantime, get yourself 2 3500mah samsung cells, and an...
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    Discussion French Fries on Burgers? (And Other Weird Food Combinations)

    How do I remove HackerBilly's ability to view/comment on this thread?
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    Basic ps2

    Unorthodox, but cool! I like it
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    Question Does wii rvl-cpu-30 work with the G-Boy?

    CPU is the same, but the GPU and board layout isn't the same
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    Worklog OM6 Wii - GBA SP Build

    May want to find another name, as the Wii SP name was already assumed by Jackson's Wii SP As for the formfactor, @StonedEdge is currently working on a similar build. He's a very experienced portablizer who has cloned built quite a few portables. He's had to take on some crazy design challenges...
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    BitBuilt's 2020 Summer Building Competition

    The prophecy has been fulfilled
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    Worklog Wii U R&D Thread

    Thats amazing. How did you perform these measurements?
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    Solved AVE Bridging

    I'd recommend you start a worklog when you start the project, and document it as you go.
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    Solved AVE Bridging

    For the longest time I struggled to get solder braid to work. I thought it was useless and garbage. Then i realized the problem was that the specific solder braid I got was useless and garbage. Gman recommended me this, and it has made life so much easier. I highly recommend giving it a try, it...
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    GameCube JoyCon CAD Files

    For the actuators I used orange squishy tacts. For the buttons I used regular GameCube buttons, but I filed down the guide pieces, and instead glued a solid core wire (like a resistor lead) to the back of the button to be the guide piece to keep it from falling out