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  1. lyberty5

    Raspberry Pi Zero v1.3 full scans

    Here's my one "contribution" to this community: if you ever wanted to fit a pi zero in a super tight place, this should help you. I mostly wanted to see the inside layers of the pi zero to see what could easily be trimmed, most likely power regulation components, and if other stuff can be...
  2. lyberty5

    Model GameCube Switch dock STL files

    You can download the STLs from the bottom of this post if you want to try to turn your Gamecube case into a Switch dock. I wanted to host the files here to promote Bitbuilt a tiny bit if it's fine by everyone. Keep in mind, if you want to try this mod, that the dock flat cable length will be...
  3. lyberty5

    Playstation one "mini" - raspberry pi zero case

    I hesitated to post this because it's only a simple pi zero case, but I think the use of custom decals gave it a specific look you guys might enjoy : As you can see, there are two cases. I initialy only started working on a low quality FDM print made with my Da Vinci Jr 1.0 which is the...
  4. lyberty5

    Icy Wii - Cosmetic mod only

    Right of the bat, I sincerely hope I won't trigger anyone with my use of a WiiKey fusion on a Wii. It's been catching dust for a while and someday (in another life) I'll take it out and use it on a GCP. Also, I don't know how to use anything else. This is only a cosmetic mod. The Disk Drive was...