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  1. GO-ModingIdea

    Question Ideas For Mods, Not Sure If Possible

    Yes I know that. But you need to digitaly download the ds games to the Wii U from the eshop. I mean modding the console to play physiscal Ds games, like the GBA player for the GameCube. And as for the PSP, I ment taking it apart and creating a home console version of the system. Simular to those...
  2. GO-ModingIdea

    Question Ideas For Mods, Not Sure If Possible

    Other then modding original GBA's with backlit screens I'm not that good at modding. But I'm intrested in it. I had a couple cool ideas for mods but I lack the experiance and know how to even attempt them. So here are the ideas, Moding a PSP as a home Console to use UMD Discs to play PSP games...
  3. GO-ModingIdea

    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    Im new to this site and its forms. I've dabbeled in modding before but nothing major. Just modded a couple of original style GBA's with backlit Led screens. Nothing major, but other then that im completly clueless when it comes to moding. Hoping to get better becuse I got some major Ideas.