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  1. paddle0

    Release 2 DK Bongos → 1 rad Dance Pad

    This was fun… I used JonnyHaystack/joybus-pio to build a Dance Pad-like controller out of two DK Bongos. Rest assured: no DK Bongos were harmed in the making of this project! Both plug directly into ports in a bender box. They are hosted by a Raspberry Pi Pico, which converts their signals into...
  2. paddle0

    Question DK Bongos Identification Mystery

    I found this pull request for the Dolphin GameCube emulator: It held the answer. Basically, if you zero-out the first 16 bits of the GameCube report (including something called PAD_USE_ORIGIN), Donkey Konga behaves as though DK Bongos are...
  3. paddle0

    Question DK Bongos Identification Mystery

    Happy Holidays! Donkey Konga graphically represents whether you have DK Bongos or a GameCube controller attached, and varies its menu control scheme accordingly. Given that DK Bongos and the GameCube controller both provide the same device ID (0x0900) to the console, does anyone have any idea...
  4. paddle0

    MGC 2021 - Bringing BitBuilt Back

    Somebody please reassure me that the Wiiboy Color's shoulder will be OK.
  5. paddle0

    Release Fakemote: A cIOS module that fakes Wiimotes from the input of USB game controllers

    This is really neat, thanks! Took me a while to (re-)learn how to use d2x cIOS Installer to get this set up. Maybe this will help others: cIOS, cIOS base, and cIOS slot all have to be set on the initial selection screen. "cIOS base" and "cIOS slot" should be set as directed above. "cIOS" must...
  6. paddle0

    RVLoader v2.0

    My Wii isn't portablized, but thanks to RVLoader I am now able to play most levels of New Super Mario Bros. Wii with a gamepad (Old Skool Digital Controller), without resorting to emulation. So great!