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    Wiikey Fusion/ WASP FFC adapter board for GameCube

    Hey guys I've got a spare WASP i want to install in a gamecube and was looking to see if anyone has a spare Megadrive FFC adapter board I could buy, any variant will work. Thanks!
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    Inquiry concerning GCVideo chips from BadAss Consoles

    My message did not go through... I’ll try carrier pigeon next
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    Inquiry concerning GCVideo chips from BadAss Consoles

    Much appreciated! I'll try him there.
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    Inquiry concerning GCVideo chips from BadAss Consoles

    Hey guys, I placed an order to badass consoles in February of 2017 for the GCVideo chip and was wondering if anyone here did the same and ever received anything or knows the current status of the project. There doesn’t seems to be any updates from Megalomaniac concerning the product, it’s almost...
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    [WTB] Black Gamecube Bottom Shell

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a bottom half shell of a black GameCube in good to great condition. Thanks!
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    [FS/FT] Wii Portabilizing Parts and Other Stuff!

    sorry this update is so late. 1. All 6 Wii's and the 18650s were claimed pretty soon after I posted 2. I bought a Wii U Pro controller and power brick so i removed them from my wanted trades
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    [FS/FT] Wii Portabilizing Parts and Other Stuff!

    Hey guys! I've got some modding stuff around my house that I went through this week that I figure could be much more useful to someone here. I don't really have the space for modding where I live for college so this stuff has just been collecting dust at home. All prices do not include...
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    Solved Any good GC games for LR audio test?

    If your portable can run homebrew, the 240p test suite can do exactly that through it's sound test.
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    Worklog GB Boy Colour

    I have one of these things, I've experienced the same problems. I figure you could try and put some kind of low voltage circuit in their to prevent this or a regulator of some sort to try and keep the battery voltage constant enough to maintain full function. For you and anyone else interested...
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    Question - Legal + Selling Portables

    Myself and most likely hundreds others have sold portables over many years and no one (that we're aware of) has ever experienced even a head-turn from any of the companies who's hardware we modify and sell. At least in the United States, from everything I've looked into I've yet to find any...
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    This is awesome. Good job! It's awesome to see where 3D printing is headed.
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    Uh oh wer guna git sued

    I'm fairly certain our VR overlord has much more important things on his plate I'm not gonna front though, He can literally eat $100 bills for every meal and cover his face with stacks of money to avert his eyes from the mean comments online Dat dude sold his sellout eye machine to Facebook...
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    BitBuilt Forum Suggestions

    Sneaky >_> I figured it was another social network. :/ I need to educate myself.
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    BitBuilt Forum Suggestions

    The Store needs a button to go back the main forums/website
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    We did it guys Nintendo is selling portables

    We did it guys Nintendo is selling portables
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    Model Dolphin Boy 2 Case Files (.123DX files + more)

    Here are all of the files that I fully designed and 3D printed for my Dolphin Boy 2 portable gamecube that you can see here: These files can be opened and edited in Autodesk 123D but I suggest you export them as SAT files in...
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    Worklog Noah's JB64

    In all fairness to Cid, the rule does state: "The only reason you should be bumping old threads is if you have something of value to add." While Noah does show the controller he ended up using in a photo on Post #44 of this thread, which is an official N64 controller, he never explicitly states...
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    Worklog GBA Upgrades You can possibly try something like this for the buttons.
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    Discussion Custom GC controller board - interest check

    They should, granted you won't be able to adjust the settings using the settings .dol. They come preflashed so they work right out of the box on Wii and GC with no console mods just like a regular controller would. EDIT: Read Aurelio's next post.