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  1. BocuD

    Question Where is the custom RTD software?

    Yeah thats the main reason nothing was ever released. It was also never really finished, I mostly ended up just using it to display messages on screen on my portable (battery info and stuff) and clean up the general user experience, kinda making everything seem more seamless. I might dump some...
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    5 Inch Eyoyo Component Screen

    That is one hell of a bump, very nice
  3. BocuD

    what wii portables would you have sex with?

  4. BocuD

    Worklog (finished) Swiitch 2.5 - BocuD's third Wii Portable

    This may not be an in depth video demonstration yet, but i just uploaded a gameplay demonstration to Youtube :) A more in depth video is still coming soon™ but don't expect too much lol
  5. BocuD


    This is looking really good even with those setbacks. For the ESP32 issues i would try using a debugger, or at least get some external connection to a computer going (like UART) and add some code to tell you what its doing. If you do end up succeeding with making a portable in this form factor...
  6. BocuD


    That looks so damn good, like A_s6 said pretty much stock lol And damn theres like this tiny amount of space left for the Wii and stuff? This is gonna be super interesting to see internals of when its assembled, given how much space that is ayy How thin is the actual panel you are using?
  7. BocuD


    Damn i don’t know how i only just found out about all your progress, this project it looking very legit :D You’ll need to test those batteries to be sure, but 4000mah in that form factor is not that unrealistic, so it may be fine.
  8. BocuD

    Question Portable snes

    From my experiments with the 2660 i know that none of the default firmwares it comes with support SOG or 15kHz signals. Unless you want to dive into modifying it to add support, i don't think its worth trying. Modifying the firmware to support 15kHz is definitely possible and i had some decent...
  9. BocuD

    Worklog (finished) Swiitch 2.5 - BocuD's third Wii Portable

    Schematics are nice enough to post i suppose.. So for anyone interested, here you go :D I have to note, these schematics are what i am using in my portable, so some of the wiring to the lcd driver for example is not going to be very useful without the custom firmware. Same goes for the bms. I...
  10. BocuD

    Worklog (finished) Swiitch 2.5 - BocuD's third Wii Portable

    Thanks everyone for the nice replies! I'm really happy too with how it turned out, but uh actually.. It just got better! The IPS display arrived, and hot damn is it nice. I guess it better be nice for the 30usd i paid for it after searching through all of ebay in hopes of finding one.. The...
  11. BocuD

    Worklog (finished) Swiitch 2.5 - BocuD's third Wii Portable

    So uuh something something not updating this enough, but yeah over the next few days i'll slowly be dumping a bunch of info in here. TLDR: Its finished now, and its working great :D Final list of main features:- Revision 1.5 of a giant custom PCB that integrated literally everything but the...
  12. BocuD

    Almost finished G boy Rev3 $140

    I'm interested too actually, never saw it untill @sandman7793 bumped it :P
  13. BocuD

    Worklog Sushii

    Bitbutt was perfect And congrats on finishing that stitches, that video really is perfect haha 8 minutes left.. nice
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    2020 Summer Building Competition - Prizes and Deadline Extension

    Fuck i really regret not enterring now haha Good luck to everyone else who is competing!
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    Worklog (finished) Swiitch 2.5 - BocuD's third Wii Portable

    After a very long hiatus, i finally have a new update on this portable. I've made another board revision, with some new stuff and some improvements. Some of the new / fixed / improved stuff: - Redesigned audio amp, its using WiiHUD and i2S now. Volume buttons are gone as a result of that. -...
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    Late night modding

    So, a few days ago, when i was about to leave for vacation, i realised i'm addicted as fuck to rhythm games, and that not bringing anything wouldn't go well. Bringing my VR setup.. yeah no. So, option two, osu.. i would need to bring a keyboard as well, which doesn't sound great. Option 3.. Love...
  17. BocuD

    StonedEdge’s Genuine G-Boy (No Clones)

    Finally ending the ClonedEdge tradition are we now huh Gotta say that all white case looks hot as fuck, tho i think seeing your DMGii finished sometime would be nice as well.
  18. BocuD

    G-wii 16:9 build

    Ah nice, wonder how that'll turn out :D With the prusa all i can say is try convincing them and making it really clear that you actually want it. I wouldn't drop the money on a cheaper printer tbh, as you'll probably want to upgrade later anyways. Also i killed 6 wiis during my first project so...
  19. BocuD

    G-wii 16:9 build

    Lol it looks almost exactly like my first portable on the inside :P Anyways it came out pretty damn good for a first one, thats where i'd say you did much better then i did at first.. Yours has batteries and stuff lol Can't wait to see your next one! edit: Just looked at some of the gameplay...