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  1. Worklog PS2 90004 New trim

  2. Worklog PS2 90004 New trim

  3. Worklog PS2 90004 New trim

    What did you do here? What did you do here?
  4. Worklog PS2 90004 New trim

    Friend what you did there near the solid capacitors? Turned on trails?
  5. Question please friends help me

    it was a 2.5v regulator, it was closed
  6. Question please friends help me

    updating, I managed to fix it, my board started working again
  7. Question please friends help me

    Today I tried to bring it back to life, without success, but I discovered that I don't have tension in the pwm
  8. Question please friends help me

    I'll explain what happened, I was planning to use the Nintendo Wii adapter, on my 5 inch screen so instead of turning on 5v I turned on 8v, I don't know if that's what killed my motherboard, I didn't test my motherboard, before doing it this hdmi converter installation
  9. Question please friends help me

  10. Question please friends help me

    I understand, so I should remove the regulators and put the custom regulators, are these the regulators I should remove?
  11. Question please friends help me

    friend seeing the image here, the model 79003 does not need to remove any regulator to make the advanced cut? the Model 79001 is marked in red, but the 79003 is not
  12. Question please friends help me

    I'm really sorry, thanks friend, I'll try to fix it
  13. Worklog An attempt to recreate the PS2 PCB

    incredible evolution for laptops, are you Brazilian?
  14. Question please friends help me

    Just letting the forum moderators know, sometimes I don't post everything in a comment as I use Google translator to communicate, I don't know if Google translator will explain it clearly
  15. Question please friends help me

  16. Question please friends help me

    friends I have this motherboard as I show in the image, it was working, when I went to turn it on, there was no image and the power button is stuck in green light I wanted someone to tell me where her voltage regulators are by editing the images shown, I notice that the positions of the...
  17. Worklog NGCP by Nikoil - Finished

    this i think is amazing you made a new modified power board this is new to me i have never seen this
  18. Worklog NGCP by Nikoil - Finished

    I ended up coming here because I just saw your video on YouTube, very good your project, are you an engineer?
  19. 5 Inch Eyoyo Component Screen

    I already liked and subscribed to your channel Captain Stitches
  20. 5 Inch Eyoyo Component Screen

    I see, have you ever made a portable console? do you have a project post done? Would like to see