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  1. Blackheart

    Question Sanding advice and other things

    You're saying I can sand my 3d printed case and it will become smooth?!
  2. Blackheart

    For Sale: WiiVision Portable

    Wouldn't a portable wii with wifi just have poor connection when not at home? I would imagine it be laggy. Then if you're home anyways you might as well just use the console. Of course, I live in a place with horrible connection anyways :P
  3. Blackheart

    Worklog The eNVeGA 64

    It's nice to have you back!
  4. Blackheart

    Worklog "The GoldeN64" Re-Do

    When things are revived they come back stronger than ever before! Looking good. I'm sure the buyer will be pleased
  5. Blackheart

    Worklog Fusion64

    I cant wait to buy one of these..
  6. Blackheart

    Worklog Gman's MGC64 thing

    Gman making a N64 portable?! How long have I been asleep doctor?!?!
  7. Blackheart

    Worklog GameBoy 64! V2.0

    Looks amazing!
  8. Blackheart

    The 2DC - Completed

    A sexy little beast you have there and nice video too. That console loading took me back to my Jet Set (Grind) Radio and Tomb Raider days, when I played them on my dreamcast! Awesome work.
  9. Blackheart

    Worklog 2DC

    *chants for a video* Video, video , video!! Lol
  10. Blackheart

    Worklog The eNVeGA 64

    Where I live, Officially Summer ends early next month. But because of "Global Warming", having winter feel like summer and vice versa. I say we extend the competition and not let our summer dreams die just yet! Heh
  11. Blackheart

    Worklog The eNVeGA 64

    Well, that escalated quickly.
  12. Blackheart

    Worklog So it begins!

    I'm a complete noob at this but it seems my Motherboard Board is a bit different so I have to use a meter to figure out where some things are. I tried to plug it in to a tv earlier and got no video at all... At least it's finally begun! Lol
  13. Blackheart

    Worklog The WaluWiigi 2.0 (final name)

    I like how you have controller grips~
  14. Blackheart

    Worklog PsWii

    Ooooh interesting!
  15. Blackheart

    Worklog 2DC

    Good luck!
  16. Blackheart

    Worklog The eNVeGA 64

    You're not old, have confidence in yourself! You might just make the best modern N64 portable yet! We believe in you!
  17. Blackheart

    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

  18. Blackheart

    Guide Electronics 101 Videos

    Thank you for this. I shall begin my quest to make a portable N64 with these videos!
  19. Blackheart

    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    Hey everyone, I'm new to this whole portable scene and have no idea where to even begin, especially since I have no skills when it comes to this stuff but I'm interested in making my own N64p.