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  1. Smart phone screen question

    Hi, I have been doing some research into the LCD's used in smart phones and am wondering if anyone has a better understanding of the technology then I do. Basically my question stands: I have a working android phone: The screen is damaged and the...
  2. Question Wii not booting.

    Won't boot at all, no signal. Just tested it then same results this is the current wiring. I am using 12v through the red board so disregard the fact there are only two batteries
  3. Question Wii not booting.

    The lowest value i got was 70 ohms and that was for the 1.15v line
  4. Question Wii not booting.

    The magnet wire is the cpiled up data lines for the controller they are long and messyly glued down
  5. Question Wii not booting.

    Great thanks !
  6. Question Wii not booting.

    Hi guys, i am submitting my wii portable for a school project in 2 days and my wii has stopped working. I had my wii omgwtf trim working but had to make it smaller again and sanded it and it is no longer working, if I want to test whether there are shorts between voltage lines what are typical...
  7. Altium files to oshpark format

    Hi guys, I have files designed on altium in the following formats, .cam .PrjPcb .Schdoc, .Pcbdoc Have been unsuccessful in trying to get them into a format which oshpark accepts (kiKad, EagleCAD or zipped gerber) , wondering if anyone could help. Thanks :)
  8. Worklog EWHIZZ 1st Wii port

    okay great advice thanks! I will see if i can find a switch which has larger solder points but the same function, as for the usb C i am using this so soldering at this stage doesn't look to be an issue ...
  9. Worklog EWHIZZ 1st Wii port

    Hi all, I have bought a video switch to allow for video out via YPbPr to a wii2hdmi converter. I am also using YPbPr to connect to my Eyoyo screen, just wondering if anyone could help me understand the wiring diagram ( attached below link is...
  10. Question Wii freezing

    yeah received my samsung and it doesnt change anything unfortunately.
  11. Question Wii freezing

    Hi i am having issues with my trimmed wii. Freezes and glitches at times on the portabilize mii splash screen. Freezes once portabilize mii has started, during the blue background stage. Fails to start sometimes, usually the first time powering it on after a while it wont start, then by the...
  12. Question Wii trim testing help

    I sure did!
  13. Question Wii trim testing help

    Anyone know how to fix this error? Also it freezes every now and then and the screen flickers at times . what can be done to get the trim working 100%.,
  14. Question Wii trim testing help

    okay testing resistance for the following voltage points: 1v to GND: 154 ohms 1.15v to GND: 60 ohms 3.3v to GND: continuisly changing doesnt settle on a value. 5v to GND: continuisly changing doesnt settle on a value. Also ran through the u10 test guide and seems all okay. Removed the hot glue...
  15. Question Wii trim testing help

    There is a short between the 1.15v line and GND. Also seems there is a short between the pin and the shell on my AV cable for some reason. Could these be the issues ? Thanks
  16. Question Wii trim testing help

    okay great! I have done the following: I shortened the regulator wires. I matched my resistances spot on to the guide and was achieving voltages within +-0.05v when testing without load. With load the voltages dropped by 0.10-0.15v. I have not soldered to the reset via as after I did my u10...
  17. Question Wii trim testing help

    Hi guys, Was instructed to move my queries here as opposed to a worklog. Have followed the trim guide and can't seem to get the wii to boot. ive attached a bunch of photos which should help clarify my setup. Thanks any help is greatly appreciated
  18. Worklog EWHIZZ 1st Wii port

    Okay what does short mode to 3.3 mean? And yes the green is connecting my usb to ground. okay I've just realised it should have been put in YPbPr mode. Once this is done should I retest?
  19. Worklog EWHIZZ 1st Wii port

    Upon testing my trim I am getting no signal on my eyoyo screen (vga) . My voltages are all within +-0.05v. Below I've attached photos of how I've connected the screen. How do I go about troubleshooting this ? USB has been hooked up. Thanks
  20. Worklog EWHIZZ 1st Wii port

    I'm guessing they are the little solder pads with holes through them ?