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  1. tyE

    Question GC+

    current homebrew database is invalid anytime I invert axis. I get this error also anytime I try to change stick settings through GC+ my portable fails to load. Only workaround ive gotten was to get a newe GC+. Any way of resetting the GC + ? its sad to say that every single one of my problems...
  2. tyE

    Solved C stick axis flipped and decreased sensitivity? (Maybe GC+)

    So my controls work outside of the configuration app . Any solutions? I needed to invert my y axis but whenever I enter the configuration for gc+ none of my controls work Nvm figured out my prob But now my wii just sits on a loading screen lol
  3. tyE

    Worklog Ginger's Wii Portable Worklog

  4. tyE

    Worklog Aurelio's and Madmorda's cooperative portable Not as power dense as an 18650 but less outward space
  5. tyE

    Discussion LR Bumpers

    So I have been playing with a few switches and whatnot but I was wondering how any of you guys mounted your left and right triggers to your case.
  6. tyE

    Worklog Ryan's wii portable

  7. tyE

    3D printed Wii Portable Case For Sale

    you need to sell more of these GMAN :(
  8. tyE

    Question GC+ with 3DS sliders.

    thanks my man. u made it simple
  9. tyE

    Question GC+ with 3DS sliders.

    Is there any wiring diagrams available for wiring the 3DS sliders to gc+ main joystick and cstick? They use ribbon cables so would i have to rewire somehow as well>?
  10. tyE

    Star Wars Wii Portable

    how do you make those cases. or buy?
  11. tyE

    Question Help, PortablizeMii wont run GC+V1.1 Config?

    you will need 4 custom regulators. one for 1v 1.15v 3.3v and 5v(if you use usb or runble feature in controller) . also, if you use custom regulators you need to remove the onboard regulators, which all of them are removed if you did the WTFOMG cut...
  12. tyE

    Question Calling all noobs (noob question thread)

    So did you guys order single resistors with values close to what you needed for your regulators ? Or did you wire multiple together .
  13. tyE

    Question GC+

  14. tyE

    Question GC+

    Another Question. When wiring the GC+, I can simply wire tactile buttons to the ABXY LR and ground ?
  15. tyE

    Question GC+

    Wow fast reply! These forums are very useful man thanks a ton.
  16. tyE

    Question GC+

    When will the GC+ be back in stock? I am working on a portable wii using the wtftrim and the only piece im missing is a way to connect a controller. I could always cut an original GC controller in half and rewire it to fit but that sounds like a lot of work when I could easily use the GC+.
  17. tyE

    Worklog Madmorda's First Wii Portable (Wii S Lite)

    can you link the amp you are using for your audio? and also is there a forum on how to make the custom regulators? or tell me what you used for your regulators? :) thanks. -merge- I have many tactile switches that I would like to use for A B Y X L R and D-pad. Would I wire those into the...