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  1. Harutech180

    Worklog Black Ashida

    OKAY THIS IS AWESOME!!! You've inspired me to make my very own ashida! Thank you!
  2. Harutech180

    Question Is there a step-by-step portablizing guide (wii)?

    like a youtube tutorial? that would be awesome
  3. Harutech180

    Question I am a complete beginner. How could I learn to make a portable, like the louii or the wiivision?

    I am basically an electronic beginner. I've opened up my Switch Joy-cons, a Wii U gamepad and a GBA, all to fix it, but that's the extent of it. I've never soldered a single wire, but my dream is to make my very own Wii portable. How can I learn? Any help is appreciated. -Harutech180
  4. Harutech180

    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    hello! how are yall doing?