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  1. AFE123

    Question Ashida build guide???

    It'd also be beneficial to look at shanks Electronics 101 thread at other people's worklogs. Do that in addition to looking at the diagrams on 4layertech, and googling stuff. tip: use "question you wanna ask."
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    Question How to make gboy?

    Someone updated the parts with custom PCBs to house the new boards and a modified case. Worth checking out.
  3. AFE123

    Worklog My first ever build: the ashida
  4. AFE123

    Worklog The WiiCube

    Well, if you can get a GC+ board from 4layertech, that'd be ideal. You can use tact switches, or make a custom pcb with the controls, which gives you a lot of wiggle room. If you want to use a controller, it gets a little complicated. If you want a Gameboy style portable, you can easily just...
  5. AFE123

    Question Best starting ps2 portable

    *Use standard trim *Basic 5 inch composite(or component if you're fancy) backup camera. *Maybe a 3d printed case if you're down to learn fusion 360 (Pretty simple to learn with time). If not, use a prebuilt case and a lot of glue. *ps2 controller and tact switches(or use at PIC16F...
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    Worklog The last one, 3rd ps2 portable

    Question about the cooling system. I notice you only have the heat sink and the fan. Are you cooling this chip? I noticed that Wii portables implement a copper sheet between the CPU and GPU for cooling. Is that also the case for the PS2? What does your cooling setup look like? Also, I'm...
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    Worklog Chunchunmaru - A PS2 Portable

    12/28/22 It’s been a while since I’ve updated this worklog, but I’m not dead. I’ve been busy with school. The semester ended, giving me a lot more time. Knowing that the ps2 works, I’m almost ready for the final assembly. Before that, I need to design the case. There are a ton of challenges...
  8. AFE123

    Question Do I need to purchase a new pcb set?

    That is the ground pad I was referring to. It should (Correct me if I'm wrong) usually be connected to the U-amps ground. With that said, you should be able to wire up the u amps ground directly to the ground pad mentioned.
  9. AFE123

    Question Do I need to purchase a new pcb set?

    If I were to imagine, you can probably wire up the gnd pad on the u amp to the gnd pad next to the 1.8V pad. What kinda soldering iron are you using? Ideally, you'd want to use a temperature controlled iron. For practice, work on a practice board or practice soldering on an old damaged board.
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    Discussion I just wanna talk about my failure of a wii

    Kinda looks like the Mumble Driim.
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    Question Should i make my portable emulated or let it have a real motherboard.

    For OPL, it's possible to use a usb controller and MRkane used a joycon styled controller for his ps2 portable. Maybe there's something similar for the wii which can be helpful in you accomplishing your goal. Besides that, you'd have to be JacksonS. Like what Shipyu said, relocating wifi isn't...
  12. AFE123

    Question Should i make my portable emulated or let it have a real motherboard.

    Imma be honest, you're getting a little too ambitious for a first project. I'm currently working on my first portable (also looked at other threads), and found that you're more likely to finish your portable if you aim for something you can actually complete. When I was younger, I tried making a...
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    Solved PCB design help

    Congrats on learning PCB design! Itll be a valuable asset going forward. for the errors, try removing the white circle. It's overlapping with on of the pins. Same with the blue one. Another thing that'll help is to printout your pcb on paper to ensure that you have the right dimensions for...
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    cut too deep?

    VPNs wouldn't work, lmao. I believe the IPs used by VPNs get reported if I'm not mistaken.
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    All new wii trim!!!

    We're you able to test the trim? Does it work?
  16. AFE123

    Need PS2 PCB cutting service! if anyone can provide

    I've never trimmed a board before this year, and I was able to boot my standard trimmed PS2 motherboard first try. In my opinion, trimming is probably the least difficult part of building a portable. Here's the guide I used to gain a general understanding of trimming. Also, you'd want to...
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    Worklog Chunchunmaru - A PS2 Portable

    10/4/22 I finally relocated the controller. I also got to testing it. Another important thing to mention: Third party controllers like this won’t have DAT, CMD on the pcb. Here's a note that should help others: VDD: 3.5V D1: DAT D0: CMD CS: ATT And everything else speaks...
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    Where can I get the shoulder buttons for the gboy?

    I believe the G-boy uses this
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    Help help help

    I might be wrong on this, but I think you wired up the controller to the player 2 stuff. Also, I also think that you have a little too much copper exposed. One more thing, you don't have to solder the wires directly to the resistor. There are exposed copper pads you can solder to. Here's a pic...