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  1. Alberto

    Question How to synchronize the wiimote after installing the rvloader?

    Hello, I installed RVloader 1.3 on my Wii but I don't have a Gamecube controller. My Wii is uncut with the full board. How to synchronize the Wiimote to enter the RVloader. Can I synchronize the Wiimote controller without having a Game Cube controller? Why doesn't the RVloader allow me? do...
  2. Alberto

    RVLoader v1.6

    The truth is that I use rvloader 1.3 for all my laptops, it is the best version in my point of view and the most stable and it is the one that I would recommend you to use, it is a pity that they never solved the exit to the menu after leaving the wii game, a pity it would help a lot to solve...
  3. Alberto

    Question vga image error

    gola the wiring is correctly soldered with the guide here when connecting it to another monitor the same way the image turns yellow as if it were exposed to direct sunlight what you are telling me is that the problem may be the wiring? I think it is the plate that from one day to the next it got...
  4. Alberto

    Question vga image error

    Hello, I installed the rvloader, it was working normally and then I don't know what happens to the image that changes colors, like the brightness is raised to the maximum or it becomes very yellow and loses colors, I don't know why that happens, I tried it on a PC monitor to rule out if it was...
  5. Alberto

    Question Power button hack wii board help

    hello I want to make a cut to reduce the size of the 40 or 20 series board without losing the original characteristics of the wii and continue connecting it to 12v I am interested to know if I cut it that way how do I connect or where would the connection be to put the power button Does anyone...
  6. Alberto

    Question rvloader retroarch question

    hello I want to ask, I am trying to run retroarch in VGA resolution and it stays on a black screen, but if I load it in composite video if it loads normally, do you know why that happens? In what version of rvloader does it work or will it not work until another version?
  7. Alberto

    Question Chinese memory erases the rvloader when trying to install on wii

    Hello, what excellent answers, thank you very much to the 2, the memory did not have the real capacity, it was not the rvloader, they are very intelligent
  8. Alberto

    Question Chinese memory erases the rvloader when trying to install on wii

    hello thanks but my question was why does the rvloader delete that file automatically because it is not original memory?
  9. Alberto

    Question Chinese memory erases the rvloader when trying to install on wii

    hello I bought a 128gb micro sd memory and I use it with the usb adapter that I used with an original memory and when I put it in the wii to update the rvloader from 1.3 to 1.5, when I put it in the wii the rvloader 1.5 is automatically deleted and you don't recognize it, why does that happen?
  10. Alberto

    RVLoader v1.6

    In this version, IGR support was finally solved to be able to exit the wii games by returning to the rvloader menu without having to turn off the wii?
  11. Alberto

    Question remove components to revive wii board someone help me

    Hello I have a wii model 60 board, I want to cut and install rvloader but it does not turn on because some components are damaged, I want to remove the necessary components from the board to be able to turn it on with custom regulators and install the rvloader but I want you to help me and tell...
  12. Alberto


    Hello I have a question, I am trying to load this game I use rvloader 1.3 and it stays black, download another version and it is still the same as one does it load the game? Or do you know how to do it? It is the best wii game and I can not play it thanks
  13. Alberto

    Question question about the 3v battery

    Hi, I'm making a laptop, I already soldered the MX chip but it is necessary to put the 3v battery in it? If I don't put it in, what would the problem be and if I put it in, what would be the advantage? I can leave it without the 3v battery, thanks for replying
  14. Alberto

    Question application for wii power off

    Thank you very much for answering, my fear is that the cut wii will fail or stay in the restart state and will not turn on and affect rvloader, but from what they tell me it does not affect it then I will use the power off application and then disconnect the current and no problems thanks
  15. Alberto

    Question application for wii power off
  16. Alberto

    Question application for wii power off

    ok thanks for answering, last question turn off the wii with that program then disconnect the power will the rvloader fail? because the console is turned off and I may have the problem that when using the program to turn it off the wii no longer turn on? or turn on and not come out image?
  17. Alberto

    Question application for wii power off

    Of course, but if I turn it off with the application and then it turns off, I disconnect the wii?