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  1. RoseDagger

    Worklog Reviive Worklog and Questions - Portable Wii Brought Back From The Dead!

    Sounds good, yes that one will work fine
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    Worklog Reviive Worklog and Questions - Portable Wii Brought Back From The Dead!

    Be careful that battery-caddy seems to take two batteries in series, not parallel! Batteries in series increase the voltage, while parallel increases capacity. Having the two batteries in series doubles the voltage, which will exceed what the PMS is supposed to handle.
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    Question How Do I Install Buttons?

    Edit your previous post instead of spamming, please. Especially when it is so shortly after each other and there have been no answers. You also need to kinda be able to navigate the forums and do research on your own and read up. People here can't answer your every question and lead your hand...
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    Worklog Reviive Worklog and Questions - Portable Wii Brought Back From The Dead!

    If you still want to continue trying to fix this portable, then i would suggest getting a battery caddy or something so you can easily switch batteries and remove them whenever you aren't actively trying to boot it. And/or add a on-off switch between batteries and the pms so you can disconnect...
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    2021 Contest Entry: GB Adwiince v2

    Sooo it's many hours past the deadline, but I felt like making a worklog update anyway on everything I have done, and add a final video. So the measurements ended up being about 190mm x 82mm x 27mm And the final to late submission video It has been a fun journey, and using the...
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    2021 Contest Entry: GB Adwiince v2

    I'm so fucking sad, I think I bricked my Wii in the home stretch. It won't turn on anymore, 1v resistance is at a whopping 59k instead of the 100s something it normally is, and when powered on, the pms only supplies 0.5v on the 1v rail. The compendium sais 1v basically only goes to the GPU, and...
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    Worklog Reviive Worklog and Questions - Portable Wii Brought Back From The Dead!

    Nice, I would also suggest to check for shorts before connecting the batteries. Checking the positive and negative wires for the batteries, and the different voltage outputs on the pms or from the wii to gnd, and make sure that the resistances are not 0, we still don't know that killed the...
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    First anything really

    Well, first you need to remove all the components you cut through, and you can remove the components on the outside of the inner cutlines (aka the components in the lower-left corner of this image). And you need to sand down the edges to avoid shorts, sand at an angle instead of flat with the...
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    2021 Contest Entry: GB Adwiince v2

    Well my wii stopped booting properly after I added the mx, gc, u-amp, and updated the sd from the old bbloader to rvloader (yes I should have tested between each thing I added, but well I didn't) The screen turns on, and displays a black image, it does not say that there is "No signal" so the...
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    2021 Contest Entry: GB Adwiince v2

    So soldered of most of the data lines, only missing the Bluetooth module, then simple things like speakers, rumble, and clock battery, and checking that everything works as intended, but I have to call it quits for now as it is 2am, and I don't want to do any (more) mistakes. Ended up...
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    Worklog Reviive Worklog and Questions - Portable Wii Brought Back From The Dead!

    Btw NCR is Panasonic batteries, and those green ones are quite commonly used and reliable, so it is probably not the battery quality that was the issue. I would still place my bet on a short unintentionally draining/destroying them. And the B variant as far as I know is button top with no...
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    Worklog Reviive Worklog and Questions - Portable Wii Brought Back From The Dead!

    0.68v sounds super super dead Batteries below 2.5v need special equipment to charge, and Lithium batteries don't like to be deep cycled, so even if you managed to charge them, they would likely be rather degraded if they managed to drop so low somehow (Maybe a short completely drained them, as...
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    Screen running on 5v help

    Hey, I have the same board, and I successfully ran it in this configuration, so you can look at which components I have removed I have also labeled where you can input 5v (Red) and ground (Black). There is a lot of places where you can supply ground, just use a multimeter and check that there is...
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    2021 Contest Entry: GB Adwiince v2

    So hello again ^^ Have been working on placing the daughter pcbs on top of my custom pcbs Mounting the old pcbs that don't have castellated edges was a real pain, eventually figured out a system that worked pretty well, but it was so frustrating, and I'm still not sure if everything on the gc2+...
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    2021 Contest Entry: GB Adwiince v2

    So my pcbs arrived, and it felt awesome, they fit pretty much exactly as I wanted them to, and it just feels great seeing something I have put so much work into turning out so nice. (Sure there is no logic on them, and they don't really do anything interesting other than removing the need to...
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    Worklog The Oopsii, a louii clone build

    I had a board that overheated come back to life when I let it rest for like a day, so trying again later might help... Did you check the resistance between the voltages before you wired it up? As to check that there are no shorts / that the sides have been sanded fine enough? Btw you only need...
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    Worklog SparkleBear's First Portable Nintendo 64 Build Project Worklog.

    Magnet wire is the wire used for electromagnets and such, thin flexible wire with only a thin enameled layer of insulation so they can be spoled close together
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    Question Looking to build a portable

    For power management and other secondary parts, I would recommend , and depending on your build if you want hdmi out or other more advanced features then I would also suggest looking at And for batteries, looking at this guide...
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    Question Wii plays VC and it shows up like this. how to fix

    Hmmm, are you sure about the 4 voltage pins? I see that you have connected pin 24 and 25 together, though you are not powering them directly based on your images. Pin 27 and 17 are connected on the internal 3.3v plane on the mx pcb, but 25 is not connected directly to the 3.3v plane, but rather...
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    Question Install RVloader without the original psu and cables

    I'm rather sure that you need a wii remote to interact with the stock wii os to install the RVLoader, so you can't just use a gc controller until after you have already softmodded it. Soldering a wire to the multi-out to get composite out is rather easy and should not present much issues as...