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  1. Zini

    Worklog First Wii Portable: the WiiBoy Color originally made by GingerofOz

    Unfortunately GingerofOz hasn't made the WiiBoy Color open source, so the files you need aren't available anywhere. I would recommend something like the Ashida or G-Wii, those are open source and are easier for beginners.
  2. Zini

    The DMG-Boy HDMI w/ Dock!

    I don't know, most portables seem to use VGA for video output, I don't think anyone has made a DP adapter for the wii yet, which would be needed for DP over USBC. Would be an interesting project though.
  3. Zini

    Worklog I repaired a Gamecube controller!

    I picked them up from Facebook Marketplace, the seller was selling 4 for 50$ but two of them had been sold already. Unfortunately those two were the ones in better condition so I got the runts of the litter so to speak. There are plenty of deals to be had on local sites like Craigslist or FB...
  4. Zini

    Worklog [2023 Contest Entry] TRiiNITRON

    It all looks good but I don't see a Wiimote pair button on your case lol
  5. Zini

    Worklog The LIGHTNiiNG - BLOCKED

    Pardon me if I'm saying something stupid, but could you perhaps use a corrosive like nitric acid to delid the GPU? That would at least let you see the inside and see what causes the damage when heat is applied. I've read about people using nitric acid to decap ICs back in the early days of...
  6. Zini

    Worklog Final Destination Omega Trim

    I simply can't believe it. If I wasn't looking at it with my very own eyes I would be flabbergasted. Pack it up everyone, he won.
  7. Zini

    Worklog Ashida REV 2

    damn thats hot, i always wonder how people wire up the leds, do you connect them to the board or to the batteries or someplace else?
  8. Zini

    Worklog [2023 Contest Entry] The Chicken Nugget Boy!

    Makes sense. I've never seen someone do that before so I'll be watching this thread real close.
  9. Zini

    Worklog [2023 Contest Entry] The Chicken Nugget Boy!

    How will the controls work? Will you use one of the three smaller buttons as A/B?
  10. Zini

    Worklog [2023 Contest Entry] Xbox Portable (Yet to be named)

    Oh, my god. This is absolutely revolutionary. I am fawning over this. I'll be looking over this thread everyday, OG Xbox was so huge, figuratively and literally. Godspeed.
  11. Zini

    BitBuilt's 2023 Summer Building Competition

    Looking forward to seeing what you mad people will do this summer! Can't wait, best of luck to all contestants.
  12. Zini

    WiiSPii Emerald Green

    It's... beautiful... I'm crying tears of joy just looking at it...
  13. Zini

    Question My 2DS refuses to boot. Is there a fix?

    Sorry, didn't check the guide I just saw it recommended elsewhere. The guide does mention asking for help on the Nintendo Homebrew Discord server if your console doesn't boot. I had a similar issue with my 2DS and the screen was cracked causing it to look black. Might not be your issue but it's...
  14. Zini

    Question My 2DS refuses to boot. Is there a fix?

    Try to uninstall the CFW. Guide here.
  15. Zini

    Question Using disk reader in a portable

    Possible? Yes. But not worth it in most circumstances. They take up a lot of space and draw a lot of power.
  16. Zini

    Suggestions for new portable?

    Would recommend looking into the Ashida. It has a BOM that you can take a look at. There isn't really a guide for it but GingerofOz has a video of him assembling it that you follow along with. 4layertech sells the PCB set and has some good documentation. Check out some worklogs here to find some...
  17. Zini

    Worklog Ashida starting out

    Exactly why I'm having my Ashida case printed locally. Canadian shipping prices are insane. Good luck with the build my commonwealth brother.
  18. Zini

    cool guy very big inspiration i rate this guy 10/10 on the guy scale

    cool guy very big inspiration i rate this guy 10/10 on the guy scale
  19. Zini

    Worklog I repaired a Gamecube controller!

    Don't really have anywhere to share this but I'm feeling pretty proud right now. I bought 2 original controllers for 25 canadian dollars in, well... not mint condition. One of them was an easy fix, it just had no rubber coating on the joystick. The other pictured below. Somehow the little...