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    Question Custom circuit board $$

    once you design your pcb you can send the files to a fabricator and they will manufacture the board itself. then someone will need to place and solder components. some manufacturers like jlcpcb have a component placing service where they basically assemble the whole thing for you(you have to pay...
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    Can I use this Samsung tablet battery

    generally it’s unsafe to use batteries like these unless you really know what you’re doing. id say just stick to 18650s or the like
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    Question Ps2 won't boot after wiring up VGA

    i have no knowledge of the ps2 so i’m probably not the best to answer but i can say for sure that your soldering could be a part of the issue. the joints are really big and look really cold(you can tell by the lack of shine). unless you cleaned the capacitors that you dropped solder on already...
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    Model Wii SPii CAD Files

    check the schematic and board file, they should be labeled the same as the bom
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    Discussion Share your pets

    those floppy ears tho, so precious
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    PS2 Portable, like an oversized gameboy

    this is so good, nice work!
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    Question Multiple custom regulator questions

    i believe there’s 3 buck converters and 1 boost converter pic 16 battery management ic(i think) and there’s some inductors that look like ic’s there might be some other stuff but just check out the bom and schematics, they’re public
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    Question Multiple custom regulator questions

    1. it depends on the output voltage, check the data sheet of your regulator 2. inductors resist change in current by increasing the energy stored in the inductor’s magnetic field(i won’t lie i got this on google) 3. footprints are automatically downloaded in popular cad programs but check...
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    Discussion Inside an AliExpress Wii Portable

    yeah i was kinda referring to the general cleanliness compared to portapackit’s but i’m willing to bet this will spontaneously combust
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    Discussion Inside an AliExpress Wii Portable

    while it’s no portapackit portable fire starter this is certainly not good. leaving out one of the most crucial components for safety is not the best idea for a commercial product
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    Question is it a good idea to buy wii mobos of of ebay

    ebay is usually the first place that people check for wiis. they’re relatively cheap and they’re very easy to find
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    Worklog The potato of handhelds - somehow it turns on

    the hot many sticks went into that?
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    Worklog The potato of handhelds - somehow it turns on

    the only good type of interior
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    Question Will the RVL-PMS work with these batteries?

    i think that as long as you wire them in 1sXp they should be fine but don’t quote me on this. and yeah the stick breakouts are for the switch sticks
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    BitBuilt Store Question - Back in Stock Soon

    take this with a grain of salt because i’m not too well versed in digital electronics, but given that the board has a multiplexer capable of handling displayport it should be able to carry vga or composite. i’m not too sure about hdmi tho edit: btw is there a data sheet for that? i couldn’t...
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    BitBuilt Store Question - Back in Stock Soon

    i forgot to mention that the sparkfun pd board is open source so you could add usb to that if you want
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    BitBuilt Store Question - Back in Stock Soon

    as i mentioned previously you could wire usb directly to the wii
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    non open source products?

    now that the store won’t be restocked, are there any plans for non open source products like the nand relocation flex, or will it be up to the creator to release the files(if they want to)?
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    BitBuilt Store Question - Back in Stock Soon

    you could try to reverse engineer it but there are other options. if you don’t need usb c power delivery you can just use usb c. but iirc there is a usb c pd board from sparkfun that should work just as well edit: i don’t think there’s any usb c pd board with a usb port like gman’s so keep in...
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    BitBuilt Store Question - Back in Stock Soon

    unfortunately the usb c pd board is not open source, but on Gman’s website there is a detailed description of how it works along with some ics it uses(not 100% sure about the ic part tho) edit: the rvl-pms, u-amp, 64-amp, are on gman’s github gc+ 2.0 is on aurelio’s github all other products...