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  1. Shank

    Solved What heatsink material is the best to use?

    Heatsink physics are complicated. But in it's simplest terms... more conductivity, more surface area, and more airflow all play a role. The more of each, the more effective your cooling will be. For the Wii, you are looking at under 10 watts, so there's not a lot of heat to dissipate. Copper...
  2. Shank

    Worklog Modernish PiiWii Pocket

    So much pain getting that thing to close with everything in it. Make sure you don't overtightened the screws and make them poke out the other side. Not speaking from experience or anything...
  3. Shank

    Question problem with my custom regulator

    What is your 5v rail connected to? Did you do a continuity check to see if there is a short? It sound like whatever you are connecting your 5v rail to is shorted
  4. Shank

    Question problem with my custom regulator

    We need pictures to further diagnose. Did you check for continuity between 5v and ground?
  5. Shank

    GameCube JoyCon CAD Files

    This is so awesome, thank you for sharing! So awesome to see you take my project and take it further than I did :)
  6. Shank

    Question Planning on building a Wii portable but have never touched a soldering iron and have no idea how to even start approaching this.

    If you want to learn, you can't be afraid to make mistakes. Its always good to be cautious and try to keep it to a minimum, but you will no doubt break a few things along the way. What you want to do is very possible with what's out there, but it will take a lot of work and a lot of learning...
  7. Shank

    Shank's Wii Super Thread

    Try replacing the LED. If that doesn't work, trace the traces from the LED back to the other components. Investigate/swap those. Probably a transistor or 2 and a resistor or 2.
  8. Shank

    Worklog The Wii Squared (4 Wii's in one shell)

    This is really awesome to hear! Please keep us updated on your troubleshooting journey. I will for sure be following this thread. If devolution turns out to be a viable setup, I may have to get it running in my own home setup as well.
  9. Shank

    Worklog The Wii Squared (4 Wii's in one shell)

    Once again. Please do not double post. Use the edit button
  10. Shank

    Worklog The Wii Squared (4 Wii's in one shell)

    Please do not double post, and please do not reply to threads unless you have something constructive to contribute to the discussion. If you are going to offer criticism of a project, at least make sure it is a thought out response.
  11. Shank

    Worklog The Wii Squared (4 Wii's in one shell)

    Unfortunately, I think its unlikely members on this forum will be familiar with Devolution. The Bitbuilt and the Wii modding scene kicked into gear shortly after Nintendon't became a viable alternative. The few of us around before BB, Nintendont and the Wii portablizing revolution went straight...
  12. Shank

    Worklog The Wii Squared (4 Wii's in one shell)

    It gets even worse with four
  13. Shank

    Worklog Wii U R&D Thread

  14. Shank

    Worklog The Wii Squared (4 Wii's in one shell)

    >On 4 wiis >Using dolphin These 2 statements are not compatible. Dolphin is an emulator that runs on computers and other devices. The wii does not run dolphin or emulate GameCube games. The person in the video was not running them on Wiis. Try running more than 2 wiis. Every one you add, the...
  15. Shank

    Worklog The Wii Squared (4 Wii's in one shell)

    1- You could use either, but 4 layer boards would obviously be better. 2 - about 8.5 watts for 6 layer, about 5 watts for trimmed 4 layer. 3 - A single PTH regulator is not powerful enough to run more than one 4 layer wii. I suspect it cannot power a single 6 layer wii due to how much more...
  16. Shank

    Worklog CrazyGadget's First N64 Portable - NSight64

    Looking great so far. Is there any technical reason why nobody has made a small rambus termination flex pcb? I've been wondering about a Terminator 64 for years.
  17. Shank

    Question Is there a way to tell if an AVE is dead?

    Highly unlikely your AVE is fried. If it wont boot without priiloader reset to ground, its likely a wiring issue. I suspect USB. Your method of "twisting wire" by having one wire wrapped around the other is not correct at all. For USB, both lines should be the same gauge, as close to the same...
  18. Shank

    Question ED64Plus on trimmed N64?

    I wonder if it's a power draw thing. The everdrive draws a lot more power than a regular cartridge. How much is your pms battery charged? Maybe try throwing 2 cells (of the same charge level) into it rather than one, and/or fully charging them.
  19. Shank

    Question ED64Plus on trimmed N64?

    I have no N64 trimming experience, but the first BitBuilt diagram says to connect everything except 24 and 49. I suspect this also includes 13 and 38 as well?
  20. Shank

    Question ED64Plus on trimmed N64?

    Did you connect every pin as stated in the guide? It's hard to tell from the photo, but it looks like several pins do not have wires connected. Also note the everdrive specific pin in Drownings pinout