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  1. pipbug

    Wii SP 2.0

    The S in JacksonS stands for sexy asf confirmed
  2. pipbug

    GC+ w/ Raspberry Pi?

    Darn alright thanks Aurelio :)
  3. pipbug

    GC+ w/ Raspberry Pi?

    Connecting the GC+ to the Pi
  4. pipbug

    GC+ w/ Raspberry Pi?

    I know it's not its intended use, but would it work? :XD:
  5. pipbug

    Worklog Kill Mii (Altoids Tin Portable)

    im hyped for this
  6. pipbug

    holy meme

    holy meme
  7. pipbug

    depends what it is lol

    depends what it is lol
  8. pipbug

    hey i made that lol

    hey i made that lol
  9. pipbug

    Worklog Thetacube - Wii Portable

    Can confirm after ludicrous sanding this boards trashed. I have to admit, I got pretty far for my first attempt. Anyways, I'll be gathering more funds and then order from SS's Trimming service. Not sure if I'll be able to make it for the contest, we'll see...
  10. pipbug

    Worklog Thetacube - Wii Portable

    Like 120. I'll try 80 tomorrow and see if it works
  11. pipbug

    Worklog Thetacube - Wii Portable

    Trim wasn't officially supported by the forums & thus I can't ask for help--the power rails are mysteriously shorted to ground (yes i tried everything, apart from throwing it out the window :) ) Not a big deal though, I'll just convert it to an OMGWTF. Things are slow with this project it seems...
  12. pipbug

    Worklog Thetacube - Wii Portable

    Quick update: Still no soldering iron (it's on the way... Thanks @megalomaniac) Still waiting for the audio amp and 3DS slider caps as well. Basically no progress since last update unfortunately, other than a very conservative mobo trim (will post pic soon)
  13. pipbug

    Worklog NGCP by Nikoil - Finished

    This is probably going to be the best GCP ever made, especially in the workmanship dept.
  14. pipbug

    Worklog Madmorda's First Wii Portable (Wii S Lite)

    Looks fantastic so far!
  15. pipbug

    Worklog NGCP by Nikoil - Finished

    This is breath-taking. Unlike most GameCube portables, this probably wouldn't get mistaken for a bomb at an airport. 11/10
  16. pipbug

    Worklog Thetacube - Wii Portable

    My soldering iron died :( Here's the last of the case work before I go on vacation, hopefully I'll have a new soldering iron by the time I'm back!
  17. pipbug

    Worklog Thetacube - Wii Portable

    Thanks! Abs cement ;)
  18. pipbug

    Worklog Thetacube - Wii Portable

    Decided to scrap the original case idea and went with this instead (made from an old router enclosure) Custom fan exhaust grill made from GC casing
  19. pipbug

    NanoPi NEO — A RPiZero Alternative

    Indeed lol
  20. pipbug

    Solved USB Loader GX no longer recognizing flashdrive

    Future versions will be prettier ;)