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  1. Daroou

    Worklog N64 RGB Mod and Custom Cable

    Just wanted to share my worklog blog post about an N64 mod and custom cable I made recently:
  2. Daroou

    Worklog PS1 Native VGA mod (15khz)

    Thank you @Wesk for this post! I went ahead and did the same mod on my SCPH-7501 (PU-23). I posted about it on my blog here: If anyone else has the same model, here's a pic of where to tap into for the different signals: Cheers!
  3. Daroou

    Worklog PS1 Native VGA mod (15khz)

    Would it be possible to modify a PS2 component cable and wire it up to a VGA male connector? Basically make a PS1 RGB to VGAHV cable? Another question I have: is it really necessary to use coaxial cables for the R,G, and B signals? In the end, all grounds connect to the same pin on the DB15...