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  1. Noah

    Question Does wii rvl-cpu-30 work with the G-Boy? This is a good project to use up a 6-layer board. You can plug your G-Boy into the back via a USB-C to A cable and access all of your games and saves on a TV this way.
  2. Noah

    Question Does wii rvl-cpu-30 work with the G-Boy? Nope. Thankfully the Wii is the cheapest part of the build. Just grab a black working one off of eBay, even if it doesn’t read discs.
  3. Noah

    Worklog Niintendo Pocket

    Damn, thedrew already making PiiWii pocket 4.0 before I finish 3.0 and Shank finishes 2.0 for real though, this looks great so far! can't wait to see more
  4. Noah

    Power Issues.

    Did you measure the output voltage on the PMS? Make sure you hold the button for a couple of seconds, sometimes it needs to be longer than you think. Take a picture of the current state of the board and don't change anything after so we can see what's going on. Keep in mind that if GND is not...
  5. Noah

    4:3 Screen recommendations?

    Yeah we've pretty much searched endlessly to no avail for a IPS version of the screen on the store. Even though it's not IPS the one on the store is really really good, especially if you're using VGA in your project.
  6. Noah

    Miceeno's Purple G-Boy

    Nah, it doesn’t really matter honestly. I use arctic silver 5 and it works just fine
  7. Noah

    Miceeno's Purple G-Boy

    Clean AF. Awesome job!
  8. Noah

    Worklog O-Wii First benge portable wii

    Damn, this is amazing. Looks great both inside and out, wonderful job! Really awesome build, especially for a first!
  9. Noah


    Goddamn, it's amazing. Hopefully this is the first of many new N64Ps we see :D
  10. Noah

    Voting is now live for the 2020 Summer Building Competition! There are some awesome builds so...

    Voting is now live for the 2020 Summer Building Competition! There are some awesome builds so make sure to cast your vote!
  11. Noah

    2020 Summer Building Competition - Voting!

    The time has come! After a long and hard-fought competition, 6 entrants have crossed the finish line! Now, it's up to you, the community, to decide who will place where by voting for the entries in their respective categories! You can vote here: Voting will...
  12. Noah

    Linking your Discord & Forum Accounts

    Recently we've made changes that will require you to link your forum account with your Discord account in order to use any of the channels. In order to do this, visit this page: Once there, clicking the "Associate with Discord"...
  13. Noah

    2020 Summer Building Competition - Prizes and Deadline Extension

    Howdy everyone, The end of summer is sadly fast approaching and with it comes the end of the Summer Building Competition. By now I'm sure you've been wondering what kind of prizes we'd have up for grabs this year. We've decided to do away with the cash prizes and go back to our roots of...
  14. Noah

    Solved Parts for Wiivision

    You need some kind of audio amp. The U-AMP is probably best since it works with the headphone jack for the WiiVision out of the box.
  15. Noah

    Update for G-Boy delivery?

    We'll be updating the timeline shortly. We are waiting on just a couple of materials to arrive before we continue shipping kits. We've also got another batch of PCBs on the way, so we should be starting production on the second batch soon! We'll post on our social media as well as the discord...
  16. Noah

    Solved WiiVision Power sorce

    You need to stop posting so many threads and consolidate your questions into one thread. Wesk also told you no one is going to spoon feed you the information, which is true. Many of the things you asked for can be found in various guides and worklogs across the site, so I'd say you should do...
  17. Noah

    Screen video issues

    Check and see if it happens on everything including games. You can reseat the FFC cable on the screen, it's possible it wiggled loose during shipping. It could also just be interference on the composite line, I often see artifacts all the time when using random wires for composite.
  18. Noah

    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

  19. Noah

    Hi, It will be shipped today. We've had a crazy couple of weeks so thank you for your patience!

    Hi, It will be shipped today. We've had a crazy couple of weeks so thank you for your patience!
  20. Noah

    BlueTire's First Portable Worklog: The G-Boy

    When you install the new priiloader included with the VGA patches it defaults the autoboot setting to the System Menu. Therefore, it will only boot if you have BT and WiFi relocated (or no WiFi IOSes installed) As Wesk said you'll need to boot into priiloader, go to settings and set it back to...