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    Discussion French Fries on Burgers? (And Other Weird Food Combinations)

    french fries wouldn't seem to have the right consistency for me to put them on a burger, but onion rings are great, as is cole slaw. burgers currently bum me out though cause fuddruckers just closed down for good, my favorite burger place. my heart, she is forever broken.
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    Worklog The Grippii

    Neat. Always been a fan of controller flanks.
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    Question Wii inside wii u tablet?

    This comes up a lot. Some people have tried it but nobody has finished. Not as easy as seems as the wii u gamepad is too thin.
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    Discussion Consoles that I think should be trimmed

    Sounds good, keep us updated as you go along.
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    Worklog "Tool64" my first Portable ever!!!

    Honestly all this soldering here looks not good at all. I wouldn't trust any of those joints. Hard to tell really if anything is bridging so a complete redo of everything here might help. A few other things that come to mind, it's probably possible to plug in the jumper/expansion pak in...
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    My First Portable

    Pi's are probably the easiest starting project, yeah. There's so much information that every step is practically spoon fed to you so it's a good entry into electronics. Honestly other projects are way more impressive but that really shouldn't be anything you should be worried about for project...
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    Question GameBoy Macro help!

    Your resistor looks a little goopy, clean up the joint just in case there's a short. I'm looking at the picture in my phone so not the greatest of quality for me to view, but there may be some stray solder on the pad to the right. Otherwise, test with just the back case on to hold the battery...
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    Worklog GC -

    As it was an inspiration for your overall design do you have any pictures of this next to the GBA SP for a size comparison?
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    Worklog Another Copy Cat "Louii" Build

    Just cutting the case in half would look terrible and would weaken the overall design. You could probably print up some detail pieces for structure and to hide the cut seams bt it's still not an ideal solution.
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    Worklog GC -

    I love this. The case could use some post processing (wet sanding) but it is a great project.
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    Hot Apple Pi

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    Orange Boy!

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    Project Spotlight: Test Article

    Bitbuilt 2.bro<!--more--> xenbroro
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    Foie gras for everybody!

    Foie gras for everybody!
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    Regular back: -will hurt eventually -boring -stupid bones Backstreet's back: -alright

    Regular back: -will hurt eventually -boring -stupid bones Backstreet's back: -alright
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    I hate ebay

    Yeah stock pictures are particularly annoying on eBay. I usually only buy from sellers showing the actual item for things, games especially for condition and etc, or auctions that offer free returns. Still got burned a couple of times regardless though, like the one seller that happened to...
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    @[727:@GingerOfOz] hi can you talk

    @[727:@GingerOfOz] hi can you talk
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    Worklog The "Party Box" Wii portable

    it's like there's a party in my box and everyone's invited