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  1. Understanding the RTD2660

    Hi Leftbrainstrain, I hadn't seen that build, so thanks for pointing it out. I have found another diagram of much worse quality that used pins 47/48 for the same purpose, so I agree with you and it looks like its any pair of those pins 41 to 48 as long as the firmware matches up. I really need...
  2. Understanding the RTD2660

    Hi, I'm playing around with a RTD2660 based driver board (PCB800851) and small display that came with the driver. The pair seem to work well out of the box using the HDMI input. There is an AV pin, however connecting to it doesn't work (camera, PAL, rasp PI analogue output). I've tried to...
  3. BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    Hi, looking to share throughts and find help on displays and drivers, looks like the place to be!