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  1. Camden M.

    Worklog First portable, Ashida

    Oh, thank you so much! I have an RVL-CPU-40 actually. Here are a couple of pictures of the micro sd.
  2. Camden M.

    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    Hiya! I’m a carnivorous plant guy who also likes retro consoles.
  3. Camden M.

    Worklog First portable, Ashida

    Cool, thanks for the recommendations! I changed some things out based on your what you said: I got rid of the other soldering iron and soldering tip cleaner for this\/ I also added some 22AWG wire, tacky no clean flux, and some 99% isopropyl alcohol. I guess my only question at this point...
  4. Camden M.

    Worklog First portable, Ashida

    So, as of now I have home brewed the wii and have an Amazon cart with tools ready. Just want to get some confirmation that everything looks ok before I hit order :) Also I found this micro sd to usb on the Walmart app. I can’t seem to find the Kingston one so would this work okay in place of?
  5. Camden M.

    Worklog First portable, Ashida

    Alrighty. Hello all, very excited to be getting into portables and to become a part of the community. I am going to be doing the Ashida in this build. This is my first take at portables, so all help is welcomed. Goals by next update: Get as much of the supplies I can get rn Get ready to trim...
  6. Camden M.

    Model Louii Twoii CAD Files

    Thank you very much! Definitely going to try this soon, maybe as a starter project to get into portabalizing.