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  1. Bo.

    Worklog XboxDVI

    Aside from bread making, this is the fastest update I have ever seen you post.
  2. Bo.

    Post your PC specs and other info! (Laptops and Tablets welcome too.)

    Don't get a 970.... 3.5GB memory is not enough! 980 Ti or a Fury.
  3. Bo.

    Aliexpress Deals!

    Here's a deal on a knock-off Spyderco Knife that works much better than most other knives at the $15 price point...
  4. Bo.

    Screen Pinouts and Other info.

    To start this thread I will post what I have done so far. If you would like to submit anything feel free to post it or PM it to me. All information will be credited to the person who contributed it and what they contributed. Only have some info? Post it! 7" TFT from ebay...
  5. Bo.

    Post your PC specs and other info! (Laptops and Tablets welcome too.)

    This is the place to brag about your build and show your appreciation for other peoples builds. Ex: 4.0GHz FX-8350 Black Edition Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P 8GB(2x4GB) DDR3-1600MHz G.SKILL RIPJAWS XFX R9 390 8GB 1TB WD Black 7200 HDD 40GB 5400RPM HDD 150GB 7200RPM HDD Apevia 500 Watt PSU Windows 8.1...
  6. Bo.

    Post Pictures of your machines/setups!

    The Front Casters had fallen off The Centipede cabaret at the time... moving it with someone who was a little too aggressive. Anyway it is the same exactly style and size as Dig-Dug (and Tempest which I cannot find).