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  1. fibbef

    Hot Apple Pi

    After kicking this idea around in my head for about 3 years, I finally made the Hot Apple Pi a reality. Vitals: -3.5" screen with 320x240 ULD (ultra low density) resolution -Raspberry Pi 2 Model B v1.1 -2 18650 rechargeable battery cells of dubious capacity -50 or so games, most of them not...
  2. fibbef

    Worklog Hot Apple Pi

    ...and with that, I think I'm done. I've made no attempt to hide the wiring, as the iPhone case will keep everything nestled away. Also, this is a no-sound portable. Originally I had intended on throwing in a tiny cell phone speaker, but I couldn't find a suitable amp and as this is a...
  3. fibbef

    Worklog Hot Apple Pi

    Slowly coming together. I got all of the tact switches wired up to GPIO, but the documentation for Recalbox has A and B flipped. It should be an easy fix, provided I don't break 5 other things in the process. Decided to mount the regulator to a spare heatsink fin so the whole thing doesn't melt...
  4. fibbef

    Worklog Hot Apple Pi

    Since setting up the Pi and adding a crap ton of games, I hadn't tested it running off of a modified power solution, so that was my goal before attempting to piece everything together. Here is my jank setup: Oh Em Gee! Is he using a linear voltage regulator!? Why yes I am. I'm not calling it...
  5. fibbef

    Stuff you Print ITT

    Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Profit!
  6. fibbef

    Worklog Hot Apple Pi

    3D printed button solution is pretty crude, but effective. The plan was to install RetroPie, as that's the only RasPi gaming image I was familiar with before today. Discovered RecalBox and decided that's the way to go. I don't think I would really care one way or the other, but the plan is to...
  7. fibbef

    Worklog Hot Apple Pi

    The revised print turned out great. I added a support under the middle piece ("button holder") so that way it wouldn't squish down onto the battery holder. This was especially important because the legs on the buttons need some clearance. Money shot. Far from complete, but wanted to see it...
  8. fibbef


    Hammer at the ready for the impending rage quit. Smart thinking! Excellent work so far! I saw Omega trim and immediately thought "I'll believe it when I see it on a screen." Kept scrolling and there it was.
  9. fibbef

    Worklog Hot Apple Pi

    Three years ago I came up with a design for a meme portable as part of a mini contest that Aurelio put on. It was enough to win me a GC+ (thanks and by the way, I swear I will put it to good use someday) and I told myself I would someday actually make the portable from my design. The design...
  10. fibbef

    Worklog Fusion64

    Looking forward to N64+ as well. I actually got around to testing some stuff for my own N64p a few days ago but the 3rd party controller I chopped up wasn't being recognized. Went out and found a cheap Mad Catz at Goodwill. Still, I probably won't make any additional progress before the BitBuilt...
  11. fibbef

    Solved any good guide on frankencasing?

    Downing put together a guide on portable case making that predates the heavy use of 3D printing in this hobby. It covers both vacuum forming and frankencasing. Check out sections VII-IX specifically for frankencasing.
  12. fibbef

    Worklog *Classic* Squiiffer

    IMO a huge improvement over the red and white mock up. Not that I didn't like that design, but I think rounded corners add to the aesthetics and the shoulder buttons are vastly improved. I was about to ask about that weird divot under the + button, but then I read. A decent skill set to have...
  13. fibbef


    Great work! The internals look really clean, at least to me. Looks like a blast to play!
  14. fibbef

    Worklog Gman's MGC64 thing

    Fine. Go ahead and put the rest of us to shame. No, it's cool. There are still a few moments out of every day when the uncompleted remains of my 64p work-in-progress don't haunt me.
  15. fibbef

    Question Building my first n64p

    Hey modio! Yesssss more N64s! To answer your first two questions, the N64 can easily run off of a 7.4V pack, although it should be able to go as low as 5V since that line feeds directly into a linear regulator. Regardless of trim, you will need a single voltage regulator to step down your...
  16. fibbef

    Worklog PSXp (A playstation 1 portable)

    No, my original portable used a PSone. The rebuild would use the same. I just shorthand to ps1 out of laziness.
  17. fibbef

    3D Printing

    It’s an old post, but I always remember that Matthew was offering a printing service.
  18. fibbef

    G-Wii Christmas Giveaway Stream

    1. Weekday during working hours. It’s a shame I’m more likely to watch during work than in the evenings when my kids are up 2. Green and gold gets another vote from me.
  19. fibbef

    Worklog PSXp (A playstation 1 portable)

    That’s quite a shame. I managed to kill a ps1 board in a similar manner. You know, I may have to go ahead and rebuild my ps1p, just to keep the dream alive. I’ve already got a memeworthy name picked out. And not to get your hopes up, but if/when I rebuild, I’ll probably have to gut a working...
  20. fibbef

    Worklog PSXp (A playstation 1 portable)

    Reminds me that I’d like to rebuild my ps1p that was heavily frankencased. But at the same time I’ve partially joined the jUsT gEt A pSp camp.