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  1. ShockSlayer

    yeah bitch what about it?

    yeah bitch what about it?
  2. ShockSlayer

    yeah bitch what about it?

    yeah bitch what about it?
  3. ShockSlayer

    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    the GBOSNES belongs in a museum
  4. ShockSlayer

    Worklog Fusion64

    TodorSauce please come to MGC and sign it
  5. ShockSlayer

    Release GC2Wiimote - beta

    does this work for xbox 360?
  6. ShockSlayer

    do you still make pizza

    do you still make pizza
  7. ShockSlayer

    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    stop quoting me in this thread you pieces of shit I come back and have 63 alerts and they're all from here
  8. ShockSlayer

    piig thread

    extremely disappointed in the lack of pig. this forum belongs in the dumpster
  9. ShockSlayer

    2SP - Nold's First PS2p & Clamshell Case

    I don't see any blunts in any of these pictures.
  10. ShockSlayer

    fucking OINK

    fucking OINK
  11. ShockSlayer

    Finally got a 3D Printer...

    Spread TodorSauce all over my body, I'm so ready. Lather me up, daddy. You're goddamn right I'm disappointed that you're making a Pi portable, but if you bend the circuit board in half or whatever animal magic you have in store hit me up 'cause that's spicy. SS
  12. ShockSlayer

    piig thread

  13. ShockSlayer

    piig thread

  14. ShockSlayer

    Looking to buy trimmed / shrunken / portable Wii console

    Bocud can help you the same way petting a rabid animal can help you.
  15. ShockSlayer

    piig thread

  16. ShockSlayer

    piig thread

    every pig is precious yes show me your pig
  17. ShockSlayer

    piig thread

  18. ShockSlayer

    Worklog Nold's First WiiP - The WiiD!

    I've been there man. Just know that we'll all be here with arms wide open when it's time.
  19. ShockSlayer

    Question Portable 64 Repair?? Please help!

    I mean unless you know what the issue is, there's nothing wrong with running through the obvious stuff.
  20. ShockSlayer

    piig thread