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  1. GingerOfOz

    BBLoader v1.1 - beta

    BBLoader is not meant to be installed on the vWii, as it's specifically designed for portable Wiis.
  2. GingerOfOz

    Nick on wii trim

    That board should be just fine. The dremel slipped over a spot of the board without any traces, so all you did was scratch up a bit of soldermask.
  3. GingerOfOz

    Question OMGWTF TRIM help

    The lines you cut are fine
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    The Wiiboy Color

    This is the Wiiboy Color. It's a project I started way back in January, and have been working on it on and off ever since. It's my official entry into the 2020 Summer Building Contest. Features include: 3.5" IPS 4:3 480p screen. Far and away the best screen I've ever put in a portable...
  5. GingerOfOz

    PiR8_BTY's Build Thread

    Awesome job. The silkscreen on the driver board is super screwy, I had to try every button to figure out which is which. Here's what I found, left side is what the label says it is, right side is what I think it actually is.
  6. GingerOfOz

    Worklog WiiBoy Color Worklog

    All right, so I've had an odd issue come up, so I figured I'd post it here just in case it makes sense to anyone else. I managed to get the charging issue fixed, but in fixing that it made it so I could no longer access the USB drive inside the portable with my computer. After this, I was able...
  7. GingerOfOz

    Any way to increase the battery life of the G-Boy?

    Not really. What you can do instead is get a PD compatible battery bank, you can power a portable for a while with a beefy one.
  8. GingerOfOz

    Worklog The Wii SPii

    Gives me the same vibes as Gman weaponizing Photobucket back in 2017
  9. GingerOfOz

    Worklog WiiBoy Color Worklog

    I've gone a long time without updating this, but the build has been progressing quite well. A couple weeks ago I went ahead and took the time to sand and paint the case. As a note to anyone doing all white portables in the future, just sanding the case looks much better than sanding and...
  10. GingerOfOz

    Question Where can I get a wavebird shell?

    Buy a broken/recieverless one off of eBay. They're pretty cheap and there are lots of them.
  11. GingerOfOz

    Worklog WiiVision Build

    A couple things I'm noticing: - The edges of the board look fairly rough, which is probably why you've got shorts on your 1v and 1.15v lines. More sanding is definitely needed -I'm also concerned about the nick on the RAM. If there's copper exposed, then it's possible that the RAM is damaged...
  12. GingerOfOz

    Discussion Ideas, questions, etc, Post em here!

    I'm not 100% sure what you're asking, but generally things on boards are powered in parallel, not series. 14.8v is a much higher voltage than just just about any portable Wii system would need.
  13. GingerOfOz

    Worklog O-Wii First benge portable wii

    Interesting idea with the wire channels, I'm eager to see what that makes the final product look like.
  14. GingerOfOz

    where to buy a pocket gman?

    Y'all need Jesus. Badly.
  15. GingerOfOz

    Worklog My first Wii portable (Wii Book)

    There are a few issues here. First off, do NOT give 8v to the PMS! This will absolutely kill it. The PMS is meant to be used in a 1S setup, not any other configuration. I would start by completely rethinking your current battery setup. It looks like you've compiled 18650s from different...
  16. GingerOfOz

    No output to composite in

    Everything wiiside looks really good to me. Have you tried connecting composite to another tv or monitor to make sure it isn't an issue with the screen? And composite should always work, you couldn't have done anything during the software stuff to disable composite, that's something you can...
  17. GingerOfOz

    [For Sale] Resin Casted GameCube Buttons and Keycaps

    I am able to cast DS Lite buttons.
  18. GingerOfOz

    Question Is This Sketch Actually Possible For Me To Make Happen?

    The overall design looks pretty simple, not sure what size you're going for but you can definitely build a portable like that. Rather than use the mashup of softwares you've listed though, I'd reccomend sticking to BBloader or PortablizeMii. USBLoader GX doesn't work without the disc drive...
  19. GingerOfOz

    [For Sale] Resin Casted GameCube Buttons and Keycaps

    Had a lot of fun this last month experimenting more with resin and dyes, but I've got a lot of extra stuff that I have zero plans are. Some of these casts have minor flaws or problems, so I'll try to mention all of them alongside the pictures. Assume that unless otherwise stated, the buttons...