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  1. Tyson9

    PS2P for Sale

    I dm'ed you
  2. Tyson9

    Powkiddy X 13

    Almost new make an offer
  3. Tyson9

    Gameboy advance micro

    Works great but has scatches on the screen make an offer
  4. Tyson9

    Gameboy advance with new backlit screen

    Make me an offer very good condition
  5. Tyson9

    Portable GC

    I didn't build it
  6. Tyson9

    Portable GC

    Very well built comes with charger 400.00 it has a wii motherboard
  7. Tyson9

    Nintendo Switch Lite with 12 games for sale or trade

    I have a Nintendo Switch Lite with 12 games in perfect condition. Comes with carrying case as well. I am looking to trade for a portable wii if possible
  8. Tyson9

    G-Wii for Sale

    Would you trade for a nintendo switch lite(yellow)with 12 games?
  9. Tyson9

    Portable wii

    actually I want it redone with a new case and to look clean instead of the poor condition it's in. I am willing to trade my switch with games etc for the work.
  10. Tyson9

    Portable wii

    Here are the pictures of my portable wii that I want redone for the nintendo switch I have for trade
  11. Tyson9

    Modded Nintendo Switch with extras and games. Sell or Trade

    I have no idea why you think the digital downloaded games are worthless I paid quite a lot of money for them. The only reason it's modified with atmosphere if someone wants to put retroarch or other emulators on the switch. Another thing is all you have to do is update the firmware and the mod...
  12. Tyson9

    Modded Nintendo Switch with extras and games. Sell or Trade

    I am looking to sell or trade my modded nintendo switch. It has 13 great games 12 on the system and 1 physical game. Blue and red joycons 2 docks power supply charger comes with a dongle for atmosphere cfw. 256gb sd card. What I really want is either a portable wii or a portable ps2. The digital...
  13. Tyson9

    Hardmodded Nintendo Switch for trade

    I have a hardmodded Nintendo Switch with the trinket chip installed and it already has the custom firmware on it. Looking to trade for possibly a portable ps2 or Portable gamecube or Wii. I am willing to sell it as well.
  14. Tyson9

    [SOLD] GameCube Portable (GameCube SPITE)

    Would you like to trade the portable for a hardmodded nintendo switch? it has custom firmware on it.
  15. Tyson9

    Wii/Gamecube Portable

    here are some pics. the person from ebay has no idea who built the portable. like I stated when the usb drive is plugged in and turn it on all that happens is the screen flashes then nothing boots.
  16. Tyson9

    Wii/Gamecube Portable

    I bought a used portable wii/gamecube it was working great until recently. now it doesn't boot to anything all I get is a little flicker on the screen. it has portalize mii on the usb stick. I have no idea where to start. can any one give me some help Thanks
  17. Tyson9

    Nintendo Switch with 5 games for sale or trade SOLD!!!

    not a problem and I understand completely
  18. Tyson9

    Nintendo Switch with 5 games for sale or trade SOLD!!!

    FYI Yes I own a portable Wii and I am selling my switch to fund another one for my son. About the only thing you are right about is that I didn't build one. Anyway here is the link to my auction on ebay: