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  1. TodorSauce

    Guide GPD Win 2 Custom Heatsink

    I posted my stock heat sink mod for my Win 2 to the GPDWin reddit group and had a few people ask for a tutorial. So I guess what better place to post it than here right? I hope this is ok, if not a Mod can flog me with a wet noodle or something. There is a commercially available alternative to...
  2. TodorSauce

    What size print bed should I look for?

    I swear by me Ender 3 Pro. It hasn't missed a beat yet and is still 100% stock aside from some upgrades that I printed myself. In fact, I just purchased my 2nd one and its currently on its way here. Make sure to buy from a reputable source as there are a lot of fakes out there. Official Creality...
  3. TodorSauce

    Worklog Raspberry Pi Fusion.

    Yea man, I did basically what you said above. Probed with a meter and reconnected as I went along. I got it working first time amazingly, it was the first HDMI port I ever re-wired like that. I expected something to go wrong but it works nicely. :) With the driver boards for these screens so...
  4. TodorSauce

    Worklog Fusion64

    Hmmm. Maybe, when is it? I do have 5 weeks of vacation now.
  5. TodorSauce

    Worklog Fusion64

    This looks sick man! cant wait to see it progress. :)
  6. TodorSauce

    UFO ?

  7. TodorSauce

    Worklog Raspberry Pi Fusion.

    if you like Fusion you need to play AM2R on pc or android. If you don't know what that is google is your friend.
  8. TodorSauce

    Worklog GS2 rev2

    This is just sexy AF. Makes me want to try my hand at the PS2 again. Also, do want to hold that case. Looks so comfy to play. So thin.
  9. TodorSauce

    Worklog Raspberry Pi Fusion.

    Maybe for Rev 2 if there is one. Looks like a cool process, if a little fiddly. Something to mess with after I'm done with this project I guess. :) I've been busy the last couple of days. Got the finalized (or so I thought) models of my case all printed to my satisfaction and ready to assemble...
  10. TodorSauce

    Stuff you Print ITT

    Printed this slick ass working switchblade, just because I can.
  11. TodorSauce

    Worklog Raspberry Pi Fusion.

    Downing! I’m an old school kinda guy. What can I say. I’m glad to see so many familiar people are still around after my long hiatus. I’m glad to be back at it. Really cant wait to dip my toes into that Wii scene. I do have some other more OG stuff planned though. I see you guys are still doing...
  12. TodorSauce

    Worklog Raspberry Pi Fusion.

    Yea man, that finish looks sexy as hell. I hope to never have to paint a case again. Out of the whole process its my least favorite part, I'd rather spend the day sanding. I did try a little bit of wet sanding before you posted and got some nice results even just with 400 grit. I can imagine how...
  13. TodorSauce

    GBoy rev3

    Shmexy. Do want.
  14. TodorSauce

    Worklog Raspberry Pi Fusion.

    Nope, no sanding was done in those pictures. The finish on the front/back faces of the case are from the print bed and yes, printed on and Ender 3 Pro.
  15. TodorSauce

    Guide Arzeon's simple Raspberry PI 3 wiring reference diagram (used in the emulation boy project)

    Yea. I had it all set up correctly. My antivirus was interfering with the program apparently. Also had to run as admin after I disabled my antivirus.
  16. TodorSauce

    Guide Arzeon's simple Raspberry PI 3 wiring reference diagram (used in the emulation boy project)

    Getting this error when I try to compile this joystick code. Anyone have any ideas?
  17. TodorSauce

    My PS2W build

    Looks awesome man! Nice job!
  18. TodorSauce

    Worklog Raspberry Pi Fusion.

    I have some prior experience with autocad from another life a long long time ago in a galaxy far away. There are alot of similarities between the two. So that eased the learning curve a bit for me. I’m sure there is still a ton of stuff I’m doing wrong. But it works for me so far. This guy...
  19. TodorSauce

    Worklog Raspberry Pi Fusion.

    Things are coming along nicely with the case design. The base/bottom/back of the case is pretty much done and aside from figuring out some way to retain the screen in the front of the case things are pretty much wrapped up. Its been an interesting thing designing this way and learning fusion...