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  1. thedrew

    Worklog Some PS2 Project

    Thank you for the response. I actually just swapped a 7900X bios chip to a 9000X board out of curiosity last night and worked just fine. The EE you have seems to have a slight die shrink right? You mentioned previously it was different from any other 9000X board you've seen and seems to draw...
  2. thedrew

    Worklog Some PS2 Project

    After your post about undervolting, I changed out one resistor in my PS2 portable on my custom reg board to go from 1.25v to 1v and went from 2hr 15 minute battery life from 3.7v 7600mah batteries to now 3 hours and runs substantially cooler to the touch. Incredible! Also, since you have done a...
  3. thedrew

    Worklog Famicube ( Famicom disk system hardware and case mod )

    I'm really digging your professional photography, really takes this worklog to the next level!
  4. thedrew

    Worklog Some PS2 Project

    Wow, undervolting really saved quite a bit of power there! I wonder if the CPU/GPU run cooler because of this as well. Definitely will be doing this going forward. Thank you for providing some concrete numbers from your test results!
  5. thedrew

    Worklog PS1 Portable Worklog

    Just fascinating, really nice to see the PS1 get some love these days!
  6. thedrew

    WiiSPii Emerald Green

    Definitely my favorite one yet! Super clean and that color is so nice.
  7. thedrew

    Yveltal's Aqua Retro Lite CM4

    That's gorgeous, and the color is just icing on the cake!
  8. thedrew

    Worklog Some PS2 Project

    Yeah software is not my thing either...but I totally understand the nostalgic factor involved with the memory card. I don't use VMC with MX4SIO to be honest, I save them to the FreeMcboot card in slot one. I would imagine you can still pop in that memory card to another PS2 and load saves just...
  9. thedrew

    Worklog Some PS2 Project

    looking good! Really love this worklog. If I can offer a suggestion, I would take a look at MX4SIO instead of SMB loading. Not sure if it works with 9K PS2 models, but don't see why it wouldn't. It will save you space and power since you can run the games off a Micro SD card wired directly to...
  10. thedrew

    Worklog Some PS2 Project

    Holy cow man. This is revolutionary. Awesome that there is a CPU chip that runs cooler and consumes slightly less power. I’m also interested in experimenting with that. I noticed the chip that runs cooler has 2008 engraved rather than 2007. Really solid work!
  11. thedrew

    Famicom Gboy

    Really digging the color scheme and screen bezel! Looks super profession with your choice of case material and paint. There's a little board for the Gboy floating around here by one of the users, I think @CrazyGadget maybe? I'm not sure if it is open source or not but with it, integrates screen...
  12. thedrew

    Worklog Project M

    Yes that is ground. I guess it squeezed its way in between those traces once I drew the GND plane. Probably does no harm though. I haven’t experimented with changing the RAM resistor you mentioned but might need to look more into that. I just used the standard stack up and settings with JLCPCB...
  13. thedrew

    Worklog Project M

    So close... yet so far... sounds appropriate for this update. Warning, many Wii's were sacrificed for research purposes. More details later. PCBs came in from JLC and as stated previously, I wanted to tackle the biggest hurdle first being the GPU. But sure enough, shorts on all voltage...
  14. thedrew

    Question Has anyone worked on a Virtual Boy?

    Only Shank himself has on these forums. He is the only one.
  15. thedrew

    Worklog Project M

    I've learned quite a bit throughout this process, especially being a new KiCad user. I wanted to challenge myself and oh boy, this was a challenge for a hobbyist. But we are far from done with this journey. I'm just happy to be done with the core of the motherboard which was the biggest hurdle...
  16. thedrew

    Worklog The LIGHTNiiNG

    Hmm kind of hard to diagnose since this is your own board redesign. GPU/CPU get warm? Getting proper voltages and no shorts? I would compare the resistances to another known working board just to make sure everything is what it should be.
  17. thedrew

    Worklog VS2 Worklog

    Been working on the LCD board here and there. This board will sit directly behind the LCD which I have made to be about the size of the LCD itself. It has many circuits in one to simplify the internals. The top half of the portable will connect to the bottom half with a 60 pin FFC cable...
  18. thedrew

    Worklog [2022 Contest Entry] Wii Console designed after my favorite Gamecube game

    Awesome board, very clean. How do you plan on mounting a heatsink? Looks like a tight fit with just that little hole cut out for the CPU/GPU.
  19. thedrew

    Worklog Some PS2 Project

    This is wild... B|
  20. thedrew

    Worklog Some PS2 Project

    Shoot... well welcome to the forums! This is quite impressive and very ambitious. Thanks for sharing all your info with us. Looking forward to how this progresses!