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  1. Bob

    Discussion N64 Motherboard Exchange

    I have a revision 7, but it's not working at the moment. The system was working perfectly, and then one day, nothing. Happened to the systems of two of my friends within a month. Tried cleaning them and whatnot, to no avail. Bought two "broken" mobos on ebay and fixed those instead. I was trying...
  2. Bob

    Worklog The "Party Box" Wii portable

    This looks so awesome! If I ever build a portable, I want to make something like this. Also I love the vlog format. Do you have enough room to do speakers in the base instead? Up near the screen, so the sound kinda reflects off it, like many laptops. That'd save you from needing to run more...
  3. Bob

    Question sanding

    When I sand PLA, I wet sand the whole time. PLA has a tendency to soften and gum up the paper really quickly if you don't keep it wet to keep the temperature down. Also completely eliminates dust which is nice. I just keep a bucket of water next to me, and dunk the case every now and then just...
  4. Bob

    Solved Wii Emu Memory Logging

    Yeah, I've thought about doing that. I'm could get one of those GameCube sticks for the N64, and open it up to tap into the pot directly and use GC+. I could also get a crappy 3rd party controller that uses pots instead of the encoders of the stock controllers. But for some things, and I know...
  5. Bob

    Solved Wii Emu Memory Logging

    This may be the wrong place to ask about this, possibly even the wrong group of people, but I know some of you are real wizards, and you're all very friendly and helpful. I have a question about scripting controller inputs to a Wii emulators logging values at a particular memory address. I'm...
  6. Bob

    N64 Minii

    I present the N64 Minii: a Wii trim in a mini N64 shell! With the 21 Wii VC releases, it functions as a sort of an "N64 Classic Edition". As a bonus, it's a functional Gamecube and Wii. With NES and SNES emulation, it covers the first five generations of Nintendo consoles. Features 60%...
  7. Bob

    Worklog N64 Minii

    Yeah, it holds down the heatsink. It's currently PLA, but it will be PETG; this was a quick test fit.
  8. Bob

    Worklog N64 Minii

    So, I've printed the top half, but things didn't go well, and I'll be redoing it, but it's cool to have it in my hands at long last. Without thinking, I did 20% infill, 3 solid top/bottom layers, and 0.1mm layer height. This caused bubbles in the top fill. I will be going with 100% fill...
  9. Bob

    Worklog N64 Minii

    Okay, lots of progress to report! The power boards, which I'm dubbing MiniiPS, came in, and they work (thank you Shank and Jeff for saving me from forgetting the 5.1K pulldowns on the CC lines)! There was an issue with my 5V digital switch, I mixed up the input and output pins on the AP2171...
  10. Bob

    Post your workstation!

    Finally finished cleaning and reorganizing my main workbench in my basement (I have two more that are disasters). I probably need to get rid of all the nick-nacks taking up valuable shelf space, but each one brings me joy. And the rubber ducky is essential for debugging. The...
  11. Bob

    Worklog N64 Minii

    I have my power supply boards built up, and upon doing so, realized they were going to be way to big to fit into my case without trimming them down, which is way more effort than it's worth. But they'll be good enough for testing, and I'll post pictures and talk about this more when I do my...
  12. Bob

    Worklog N64 Minii

    Yup, that's what I did. For the first wire, I scraped away too much soldermask, and exposed both traces and the ground planes. I thought there was no way I'd get the wire down without soldering to both traces, but it worked. For the next wire, I was able to just expose the soldermask for the...
  13. Bob

    Worklog N64 Minii

    Portablize Mii installation went smoothly, and the bluetooth module has been relocated. IT WAS TERRIBLE. I thought people were overblowing how tough that was. I went into this so cocky about my SMT soldering skills, but this was a whole new level. I'm shocked I got it without bridging them...
  14. Bob

    Question Best places to glue relocations

    Huh, yeah, I guess I don't need the battery at all. I'm only relocating the MX so I can do N64 VC games, and none of them need the RTC.
  15. Bob

    Question Best places to glue relocations

    Perfect thanks! That clears up the bluetooth, but it doesn't look like Gman did an MX relocation in that build, unless I'm missing it.
  16. Bob

    Question Best places to glue relocations

    Does anyone have a pic of a good place to glue down the bluetooth module and MX modules after relocation (for an OMGWTF)? I'm not glueing them yet, but need to know before I cut wires to length. I've been sifting through worklogs and it's hard to track down good shots of this, though I suspect...
  17. Bob

    Discussion I'm making a Wii portable called the Poriblii, I need help

    The guide says to do relocations before the trim, but it specifically recommends you trim before connecting custom regulators (since they'll compete with the onboard regs). Has this advice changed? If so, which components do you remove to disable the onboard regs? Sorry if this is the wrong...
  18. Bob

    Worklog N64 Minii

    God I hate the name I gave this, but it looks like having two 'i's is a requirement around here. I've always wanted a mini N64, but it looks like Nintendo isn't going to be doing that any time soon, so I must take matters into my own hands. I've considered making an N64 case for a raspberry pi...
  19. Bob

    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    Hi, new to modding, looking to get into miniaturizing (not quite ready for portablizing yet).