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  1. Velocity_Art

    Worklog Ashida starting out

    I have just been shown the Ashida, I now know what I must do, but I dont know if I have the strength to do it....*Looks at Australia Shipping prices*
  2. Velocity_Art

    Worklog Ashida starting out

    Hey all, I've recently gotten my hands on an old Wii (it was thrown down the stairs and donated, pretty sure it still works), and I want to start on doing a G-Boy Ashdia project, I'm just having trouble finding a good starting point/most up to date guide, especially for my predicament already...
  3. Velocity_Art

    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    Hello all, I'm Velocity and I'm new to the forms, but not new to tinkering. Excited to get back into this hobby, its been a while since my first build.