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  1. MP3's Ashida

    Wow. Awesome work!
  2. Worklog Topper's Ashida Build

    Awesome work! I'm interested in your settings and gcode for the print. I may build the Ashida as well. Looks great.
  3. WTS BB PMS 1 + OmgWtf trimmed wii

    I'm interested in the pms. What version is it?
  4. BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    Hello, I'm Griffin and I'm interested in building a portable Wii. I'm researching but having trouble sourcing parts.
  5. Looking for RVL Power Management System

    I am aware of that site but the problem is availability. I would like to build my own but I'm having problems understanding the non-existent instructions for the RVL-PMS 1.
  6. Looking for RVL Power Management System

    I'm looking for one as well but I'd like to build it. Is there some instruction for this?