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  1. Lettuce

    APS2 - Portable Playstation 2

    This looks like it has the same form factor as the Gwii. And I love it! Well done
  2. Lettuce

    Secret Santa 2020: Post your gifts here!

    Hey everyone! I hope the struggle in preparation for Christmas hasn't been too hard on any of you guys The gift from my secret Santa arrived yesterday and oh boy what a treat! The Gamecube came pre-modded with Swiss as well as an sd2sp2 card reader (nice) The other boards are the following: -...
  3. Lettuce

    Release GC2Wiimote - beta

    You need to open Priiloader by holding the reset button on your Wii. and then open home-brew through that. Once that's done you needs to hold down L&R Trigger as well as the Z button whilst opening BBloader. this should give you the option to uninstall from memory
  4. Lettuce

    Worklog O-Wii First benge portable wii

    This is looking super clean
  5. Lettuce

    Question How could I make a portable Wii for under $80?

    You're having a laugh if you think it's even possible to make a Wii Portable for under $80 The KillMii which is literally a Wii in an altoids tin cost well over double that. As Wesk mentioned earlier you need so many little components and pieces that are essential to the build itself, and they...
  6. Lettuce

    Discussion Consoles that I think should be trimmed

    I wouldn't doubt it considering it seems like it's going to be possible after all to make a Wii U port
  7. Lettuce

    Worklog Project Switch Mii

    You're a lucky guy mate