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  1. Darkk98

    Question Wii Internal HDD/SSD Mod

    I did actually try RVLoader but when I try return to the homescreen/"Wii Menu" from any software/games it just freezes the Wii on a black screen Okay, thank you I'll look into this :) Based on the other comments I feel I should probably just try fix my specific RVLoader Issue first but at...
  2. Darkk98

    Question Wii Internal HDD/SSD Mod

    But then I have to launch everything through rvloader still.. my wii is currently setup with wiiflow to autoboot on system startup and manually launching Rvloader everytime I want to play a Wii game would be a pain
  3. Darkk98

    Question Wii Internal HDD/SSD Mod

    Hi, I'm planning/want to put an internal SSD or HDD inside my Wii in place of the disc drive, however I've been reading online that the Wii titles won't boot unless the disc drive is connected.. is there a way around this? Looking at RVLoader, it seems to support Wii Titles but I'm not planning...
  4. Darkk98

    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    Hey, I'm new here :) not looking to build a portable right now but still interested in some of the content here for a mod I'd like to try