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    Secret Santa 2022: Post your gifts here!

    Ayy nice! Now you can see what you're doing Enjoy your title :p
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    Secret Santa 2022: Post your gifts here!

    My secret Santa did some shopping this year! While "cheese" and "tetris" may not have been the easiest categories to ship things in, @CrashBash still managed to get me some awesome stuff This reinforced cooler will go great for bringing drinks and such with me! Also some salt and pepper...
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    Question Wireless Gba to Gc link cable?

    This might help you on your searches, someone on GBAtemp took a link cable apart, it appears it's mostly just passive components This github project breaks down how the link cable works software-wise...
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    MGC 2022

    A wild modder shows his no hands hot air skills, who needs a helping hand? Ben heck and pals got some 'perience! Plenty of projects to go around, and plenty of space for onlookers, we did a good job filling the room with people throughout the weekend Since @ShockSlayer couldn't attend...
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    Solved Possibly easier Bluetooth relocation?

    It doesn't work, I've tried
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    Solved Viable Additional Trim?

    That cut should be fine, just make sure you avoid the ram traces
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    Question where can I get gamecube 2.0 board
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    Question Wii Portable Questions

    Correct, you don't need to remove any of the U5/U9/U10. The LDO is optional to remove, however it gives better efficiency to use the regulator in the pms
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    Worklog Creamsicle G-Wii rev 2 "Shwii" Worklog

    For the screen tabs you can cut up a plastic card and screw in little pieces. You will need thermal paste so the wii does not overheat. At the very least, make sure the copper plate is making good contact with both the cpu and gpu.
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    Raspberry Pi pico reads the serial data with uart.readline() will accept incomplete data.

    Make sure to specify a timeout, this way the pi will wait at least that long before returning incomplete data to you. You can also store the incomplete data until you get to the end of a line.
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    Can a 7" TFT LCD be connected to the Wii?

    You would need an additional board to convert the video output to one of those interfaces, the Wii can't natively output video over UART or Ethernet.
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    Question wii pms 3.6v 18650

    Make sure all the batteries were either brand new already in a pack Yes these cells will work in this configuration with the pms, make sure to follow the diagrams
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    Question N64 noob question

    While there isn't a place to get a PMS soldered for a N64, the PMS is essentially a fancy pth08080 and bms in one board. While not as efficient, if you already have pth08080s, I'd use those. Don't do that, as the N64 requires regulated voltages (supplied by either pth08080s or a PMS of some...
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    Question Board damaged during trim, will it still work?

    I would suggest sanding where it looks like it went into the board (as opposed to just taking off the solder mask) to make sure the layers aren't shorting, but other than that you should be fine.
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    Question Wii Portable Questions

    You don't need to do the U10 relocation if you use the RVL-PMS 2, just run a wire from the U10 pin on the pms to the U10 via on the wii. You can relocate the MX chip later, as long as you set aside the small piece of the board with the MX on it.
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    Solved Issues charging my N64 Portable + LED screen displaying static

    Are you charging the batteries with your charger hooked up to b1? You should be using P+/P- as the charging input and power output pads. The only thing that should be hooked up to any of the B+/B1/B- pads should be batteries. Also, have you put shielded wire? If not, you can take two strands...
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    Question GB DMG w/ A/B/X/Y/L1/L2/R1/R2 ???

    You would probably want to replace that board with a custom flex pcb, those are much thinner and would give you the best chance of fitting everything inside the DMG. Then, depending on how you want to get the info of the extra buttons to the gameboy to then be transmitted, you would either need...
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    Question Gamecube classic mini

    Sure, can't wait to see your project!
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    2021 Contest Entry: The Tomii

    Try disconnecting everything from the pms and test voltages to see if it is working properly, then slowly connect everything back to it until it stops working
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    Solved Stacking several smaller LiPo batteries or finding the perfect sized one?

    I'll start with the explody part first... It's completely fine to stack cells as long as they are combine into a pack before being used. All brand new cells are perfectly fine, just don't combine used ones into new packs. This is because the different capacities of the cells will cause them to...